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10 Signs Your Partner is Having an Affair

10 Signs Your Partner is Having an Affair

In the present times, with rapid growth in technology and the emergence of social media, infidelity is turning out to be a common cause of concern for most people. It has become much easier for people, across different cities, countries etc., to communicate with each other and have an affair without the knowledge of their partner. It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect whether your partner is having an affair or not.

Here are some signs that could help you figure it out.

  1. Your partner seems to be distant

Your partner seems more distant than ever. S/he does not talk much, replies in a word or two and seems disinterested in talking to you. You always have to make an effort to talk to him/her and his/her answers are always short and curt. S/he never goes out of his/her way to talk to you or strike a conversation with you. Even when you pay him/her a compliment, s/he does not respond. You cook his/her favorite meal but s/he does not thank you for your thoughtful gesture. [ Check out: 7 Ways To Start Healing Your Relationship After an #Affair

  1. Change in behavior

You mark a distinct change in his/her behavior. All of a sudden, s/he seems to be very different from what s/he used to be. Going by his/her behavior, you wonder if s/he is the same person you fell in love with. S/he seemed to have transformed into a different person altogether. You don’t recognize your partner anymore; s/he is a stranger now. The person who used to have a smile playing on his/her lips has been replaced by someone who remains gloomy all the time.

  1. Your partner comes across as being secretive

Your partner never lets you touch his/her phone and is extremely guarded about his/her personal belongings. S/he makes sure that you never get to check his/her phone, wallet etc. When you ask him/her as to why s/he is being so secretive, s/he puts across reasons that don’t mean anything. S/he goes on to the extent of warning you of dire consequences if you happen to touch any of his/her personal stuff.

  1. Always on the phone

Your partner is always talking to somebody on the phone. S/he claims to have received all the calls from office and friends. When you ask his/her friends whether they called him/her up at that particular time, they reply in the negative. You contemplate overhearing his/her telephonic conversations. [ Also read: 5 Ways to Stay Loyal in a Relationship ]

  1. Always rude

You don’t remember the last time your partner spoke in a warm, affable manner. S/he is always in a bad mood and is bitter about everything. Even if you talk gently to him/her, s/he talks to you without any respect whatsoever. You fear that s/he would start physically abusing you in the future.

  1. You don’t have access to your partner’s e-mail or social media accounts anymore

His/her e-mail and social media accounts, all of which you had access to, are no longer accessible to you as s/he has changed the password. When you confront him/her with this, s/he fails to provide you with a valid reason. When you ask him/her to share the new password, he avoids you.

  1. Nervousness

S/he is always very nervous around you. S/he does not speak with a lot of confidence and thinks for a while before saying something. More often than not, s/he speaks in hushed tones and you fail to understand as to what s/he is saying. It’s been a long time since s/he spoke something looking into your eyes. You sense some sort of guilt taking over him.

  1. Defensive

He gets defensive when you enquire him about something. Even if you a simple question like ‘why did you get so late?’ s/he shouts at you. S/he always makes you feel that you are intruding into his/her personal space by asking him even the most basic questions.

  1. Your partner is always late

S/he always comes back home late from work and gives silly excuses for the same. S/he claims to be busy with a very important assignment and visits office even on holidays. When you get all panicky about him/her getting late and call him, s/he never picks up the phone. S/he is always busy with a client and doesn’t answer your calls.

  1. Your partner does not care for you anymore

Gone are the days when your partner used to take a day off work to shop with you. S/he seems least interested in your well being and happiness. S/he talk to you rudely and does not feel like apologizing for the same. S/he does not call a doctor when you are suffering from high fever. S/he eats alone and does not ask you whether you had your meal or not. You feel like being treated as a non-existing entity. [ Read here: 11 signs that he is two-timing you ]

If you suspect your partner of having an affair, you should start observing him/her more carefully. If you notice any of these signs in your partner, it’s time to confront him/her. Let us know in comment your views.

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