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10 Signs You are Dating a Girl Worth Keeping

10 Signs You are Dating a Girl Worth Keeping

You men are such emotional fools; you’ll are so eager to find your dream girl that you end up falling in love with every second girl you date assuming she’s the one! I’m sure this is the story of every boy’s life when you are dating – she seems to be that sweet angel who transforms into a devil the minute you show signs of commitment.

So how about we put an end to all the heartbreaks that you have suffered and give you some tips on how to identify the girl who’s worth keeping?

  1. She gives you your space

Many women want the relationship to be about them first and then the two of you; they discard all other equations. In the initial stages of the relationship you may like that, but eventually you would like your own space, me-time, guy time, etc. It is very important that your ‘guy time’ and your space are not disturbed and if she understands that, she’s a definite keeper! [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women 

  1. She’s secure and confident

A women who walks around with confidence is so attractive, you’ll fall in love with her every time you see her! If she is someone who is secure in her own skin, nothing will move her – be it other women at a club or a close girl friend you have. If she knows that your relationship means the world to the both you and her possessiveness isn’t affecting your relationship negatively, you’ve found a great girl!

  1. Your friends = Her friends. Your Family = Her Family

She considers your friends to be hers and shows affection towards your parents as if they were hers; you have your girl right there! It is critical that her equation with your loved ones is positive and the fact that she makes efforts to build these relations is commendable. Don’t let her go! [ Read: 5 Reasons never to eye your partner’s best friend ]

  1. She enchants you!

Good looks, great clothes and an attractive body will all change over time. What you need to ask yourself is can you look at her with the same love in your eyes on her bad hair days or when she’s a few pounds heavier? Will her personality and aura interest you even ten years down the line? If this girl can fascinate you at every step of the way, you will thank God for every day that he gives you with her!

  1. She never speaks negative about you

Be it in your absence or presence, this girl will never bad mouth you. It is common for girls to discuss their guys with their girl friends (the good and the bad), but if this girl maintains her privacy with you and refuses to speak a word against you, you know you are a lucky man! [ Read: Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips For Couples ]

  1. You can share anything with her

You have told her stories about your childhood, your parents and some critical life-changing college experiences- stories you haven’t shared with anybody! You find it easy to open up to her and have an urge to share all your inner feelings with this person; you may even simply be up all night talking about everything under the sun without getting bored for a single minute; well, you’ve found your soul mate!

  1. She respects you and your values

Surely, you and your partner will have different habits and opinions in life. For instance, you like to visit the church every Christmas, while she is someone who doesn’t care for it much. But if she comes along with you on Christmas Eve, that means that she values your thinking and lifestyle and the fact that she visits the Church, you know she will mold herself according to your likes and dislikes. [ Read: Simple #Dating Tips That Will Actually Work For You ]

  1. She’s flexible and accommodating

This girl can be that guy-friend you go camping with as well as that enchanting lady you take to a fine dining restaurant. She is as cool as she’s dainty and the best part is comfortable in any situation. If you don’t hear her complaining and throwing tantrums just because there is no particular wine at the restaurant, you know she’ll be happy with whatever she gets.

  1. She always makes you smile

You break into a smile whenever you see her! Be it after a long day at work, an argument with the neighbor or after your car breaks down, her presence makes your heart feel happy and content. [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend ]

  1. She’s always looking to make life better

In general, she is an optimistic person who sees the bright side in every action and person. Since she’s so positive, she wishes to make life better not only for herself, but also for you’ll as a couple. Small instances, where she brings in a tool organizer in your kitchen or bigger decisions like when she takes a job closer to your apartment so that you can spend more time together, she is making an effort to build a comfortable atmosphere for you’ll.

There is no rule book to follow when it comes to finding your Misses! Even though it is said men find it harder to catch these signs than women to, the one rule you could surely follow is, trust your instincts! If she makes you happy and comfortable, she’s a definite keeper!

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