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11 Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy Everyday


11 Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy Everyday

Keeping the boyfriend happy is one task that all girlfriends strive to achieve. Well how difficult is it to keep your man happy? I am sure its not such a herculean task but the way the world makes it sounds it does seem like a daunting task.

Let me tell you it’s the smaller things in a relationship that make it special and long lasting . read on to know how by doing the smallest thing you can ensure that your boyfriend is happy all the time.

  1. Be faithful

This is something most important that any girlfriend must practice all through her relationship. Staying faithful is like the best gift you can offer to your loving boyfriend who you would never want to upset. Look we understand the fact that it may be really tempting to give in to that cute office guy who has been giving you the hints since a long time now, or maybe the hot guy you met at the college canteen, but before that do recall all the love and passion you’ve jointly shared with your boyfriend, and also the moment when he first proposed you wasn’t it amazing? [ Read: 5 Ways to Stay Loyal in a Relationship ]

  1. Give him your dazzling smile

Smile…an everlasting smile! Yes a smile is still supposed to be the best medicine. It probably is the only curve that would make all the things straight. If you wish to make your boyfriend happy every day, go for it girls just one little smile and he is yours forever! Try smiling after crazy fights, smile when it’s no reason to smile, smile probably because you two are together, smile because you can never be away. Smiles can be so perfect especially when he is in a lot of stress, trust me your smile is an even better stress buster than the ages old yoga!  

  1. Say it plenty of times that you love him

How many times in a day do you people tell each other that you love each other? In most relationships that have probably run a really long time, partners seem to believe that it is not so important to always verbally speak about their love for their partner. No ladies, you’ve got it just wrong all this while, those three letters are magical. Tell him you love him, randomly text him that you love him, bake a cake that says you love him and see the sparkle in his eyes the moment you do it. Trust me he won’t just be happy everyday but every minute every second. Go ahead girls make your boyfriend happy, he deserves it! [ Read: Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back? ]

  1. A hug and a kiss now and then

You have to trust us on this! Public display of affection works.

  1. Do the things that he loves to do once in a while

We understand you hate FIFA as much as he hates your cosmopolitan but since it’s about making your boyfriend happy every day you bet this trick works! Maybe once a week you can actually ditch the soap opera and play a round of his favorite video game with him and give him the time of his life. [ Read: The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her ]

  1. Relax and spend time with him

We know how important it is to go shopping very weekend for those little things you might need for the home especially if you two are living together, it is like a lot of shopping. But my dear ladies the men may not like the idea of buying coffee, cornflakes, bed sheets and hot chocolate every weekend. They might decide to stay in and unwind or just go for a long drive keeping the worldly worries aside. So it is not a bad idea to keep the shopping idea aside once a month!

  1. Do not lie

Women this is something important! Nothing else can make your boyfriend happy as much as your honesty. Whatever it is try to be honest, even if it brings your relationship to the verge of an end, try to put up things together and be honest! Tell him about the new guy in the office or about your boss being quite ‘too’ impressed by you these days, or about meeting your ex accidentally at the shopping mall. All of it might bring out the possessive jealous guy in him but at least be content about the fact that he loves you. Moreover, if you are a real strong woman we are sure you can handle this with grace. [ Read: Settle – No! Compromise – who knows! ]

  1. Keep away from your gadgets

We know you keep busy with so many things going on, but at least on those special days with your Mr. Special the cell phone can get a small vacation, right?

  1. Ensure that you listen to what he has to say

He might not always be correct but then we are sure you might not always be the right one either. So it’s always good to lend an ear to all discussions before they turn into hot arguments. Also your man maybe a bit sensitive about certain things be the best listener to all his emotional outbursts! [ Read: 15 Quotes about Pain and Love ]

  1. Give him random hugs

Just when we told you need to tell him you love him, you also need to hug him for no reason.

  1. Whip up delicious recipes for him

Have you ever heard your mothers speak about how it’s easier to travel to your man’s heart if you decide to go via their stomach? Yes ladies, this may sound a bit old school but this is the absolute truth. Your man loves it every time you cook! We understand the fact that you might have had a long tiring day at work but trust us if you can make it a point to cook at least something for the two of you, he will be happy. Not just that cooking is also a great stress buster so obviously it’s good for you as well! So happy cooking! It surely is a fabulous way to keep the love alive. [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

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