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15 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew about Girls

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15 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew about Girls

It is not easy for a girl or a guy to get into a relationship. The fears of getting hurt, having fights and arguments and breakups makes them think a lot before they could enter a relationship.

It is important to understand the basic nature of your partner. Girls are compassionate by nature and soft at heart while guys are aggressive and strong at heart. It is the love, the care and most importantly the understanding that holds both of them together. Just because they are different from each other that does not make girls complicated and confused. Yet is it frustrating when the guy does not even make efforts in understanding his girlfriend.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

To get a better understanding of a girl and her mind, we have listed below a few things that girls wish guy knew about them. It will help guys in understanding a girl better and they will appreciate their guy for being able to understand them.

  1. Do not stare at other girls

If you are out with your girlfriend, make sure you do not start staring at other girls around. It is insulting and disrespectful if you intentionally try to exchange eye contact with another girl.   [ Read: 10 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys ]

  1. Remember special dates

If you can make efforts by remembering the special dates of our life and plan a surprise for us in advance we would love you even more. On the other hand if you tend to forget them, they hurt more than you can think.

  1. Talk about feelings

Having a one on one conversation about feelings is the most favorite part to do in a relationship. Have a close and warm conversation with your girlfriend; it will surely bring her more close to you. Talking about feeling with a girl can be a great catch.   [ Read: 18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating! ]

  1. Cuddling and spooning

Every girl in this world loves it when her guy cuddles with her and treats her like a baby. It gives them a nice feeling.

  1. Shopping freaks

We girls are shopaholics. It is like a medicine for us and it makes us feel content especially when we are feeling low. So it will be even more fun if your boyfriends join us for shopping and help us in the selection of clothes, accessories etc.    [ Read: 14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly ]

  1. Girls also care about your looks

When you want your girl to look the best when she is going out with you to a party, for dinner or at a movie, even girls expect you to look your best. Don’t be casually dressed all the time with her. Keep changing your styles, your wardrobe because for girls, change is exciting.

  1. Our friends are equally important

It is always said that boys need their own space with their guy friends and it is okay if they have friends who are girls. If this is the case, then guys should understand that the friends of your girlfriend are equally important be it boys or girls.   [ Read: Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown ]

  1. Be fair in the relationship

If a relationship, there should be equality. Same rules should be applicable on both the partners. For example if you don’t like us going late at night with our friends, we expect you to follow the same rule as well. It should be like do whatever you like and let us do what we want.

  1. General knowledge and good sense of humor

A man with a good general knowledge and IQ is every girls dream. It is big turn off if her guy is not sensible and socially weak. We girls also love humor, but it should not hurt us physically or emotionally. We are soon drawn towards guys who can make us laugh.   [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Dating Rules For Classy Men And Women ]

  1. We will take revenge

When a guy is emotionally hurt by his girlfriend then he may hurt her back physically. But girls think differently. Girls take revenge psychologically. So if you know that you have pissed off a girl, be prepared for the revenge.

  1. Girls love talking

We girls love to gossip and giggle even if there is nothing in particular to talk about. So we really appreciate it when your boyfriend sits with up, listens to our gossips and contribute to it.  [ Read: Biggest Turn-Offs for Women That All Men Should Know About ]

  1. Reading each other’s mind

We all think that girls are complicated. But if you really give it a try, girls are not even that difficult to understand. Girls like it when you talking about the future of the relationship and him questions to read his mind.

  1. Be trustworthy

A girl always wants to be with a man who is reliable, trustworthy and dependable. You need to make your girlfriend believe that you are always there for her whenever she needs you. This makes her feel protected and secured.   [ Read: 10 Best Signs To Know The Guy You’re Dating Is A Real Keeper ]

  1. We love being appreciated and complimented

If you like something about your girlfriend then compliment her for it. If are girl is happy and feeling secured, in the relationship, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to hear good words about herself from you.

  1. Public display of affection

Girls love it when her guy shows love to her in front of his friends. It is a way of making her feel special. It gives them a feeling of excitement about the relationship. But make sure whatever you do, you do it in a way that keeps her respect at par.     [ Read: Tips To Know That The Girl You Like Is Making A Fool Out Of You ]


With the help of these above given things that every girl wishes her guy knew about them can make you a man that every girls dreams of being with. It also makes you a better boyfriend, a big time charmer and a smoother man.

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