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16 Signs Saying Your Relationship is Over

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16 Signs Saying Your Relationship is Over

We love being in a relationship, yet there will be times when they end, and the heart refuses to acknowledge it! You love the person so much, that you cannot believe this is over; or should we say, you are used to the person and the relationship that you are scared to let go! Either way, relationships end; or the sooner you accept it, the easier it will be for you.

So if you are in a dilemma about your relationship status or need a reality check about the future with your girlfriend/boyfriend, here are some signs that to tell you that your relationship is over –

  1. No communication

Remember that time when you and your partner would catch up every evening and fill up each other with the details about your day? Do such days not exist anymore? If you cannot share your feelings with him/her or do not wish to, you ought to know the love is dying.  [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart ]

  1. Boredom

When you have to spend time with each other, you start yawning! Every minute spent with him/her seems like an hour and you simply get bored. Warning: your relationship isn’t exciting for you anymore!

  1. Fight all the time

You will pick up fights for the silliest of matters. Whether your car isn’t parked properly or the newspaper is missing or air conditioning goes off – you just blow your top. This is because you are already frustrated and it triggers with anything that doesn’t go your way. [ Read: ONCE THERE WAS A BOND…BROKEN BY LOVE ]

  1. Avoid future talks

You have to decide whether you wish you extend your rented apartment agreement, but you are just tackling the issue; or your parents’ have been hinting to the both of you about marriage, which falls on deaf years. Basically, you are avoiding any commitments because you are unsure about what your future holds for you.

  1. Not bothered about emotions

You have become careless about hurting his/her emotions. You don’t feel guilty about cancelling a date night or not accompanying him/her to a family function. Whether your actions affect your partner doesn’t bother you.  [ Read: What am I supposed to do with A Broken heart? ]

  1. You’ve become a pessimist

According to you, you are getting signs from the universe about your failed relationship! When anything falls or goes wrong all you think is, “This is because this this relationship is meant to get over.”

  1. Lack of affection

There was a time when you needed to hug your partner every morning and evening, give him kisses before work and after work, cuddle before falling asleep. Where are those days gone? Are you averse all this affection now? Well, that is because it is the end of your love story.  [ Read: 15 Suggestive Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend ]

  1. Dream about other guys

You will find yourself dreaming about Gerard Butler or David Beckham or closer to reality – you will start thinking about that hot girl you caught a glimpse of at a coffee shop. In short, you are excited about other guys/girls.

  1. No time for each other

We all have busy schedules, but if it is important we take time out for that person. However, if you are coming up with excuses like you have to work late and hence, cancel your movie plans or you are off for office work on a long weekend – you are just not making any effort to spend time with your partner.  [ Read: 12 Foolproof Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX And Start A New Life! ]

  1. No support

All this while you had a shoulder to cry on every time work became stressful; someone to hear you vent out your feelings when you had a bad day with your mom! Suddenly, you can’t find that shoulder! That’s because, you and your partner have drifted apart.

  1. That chord is off

Trust your instincts and you will know something is odd. You will sense your partner behaving eerie and that your relationship is just off the track. [ Read: 10 Signs You Need To Back Off When Pursuing A Girl ]

  1. I, me, myself

Dinner plans with friends and you don’t care to ask him/her; you want to watch a movie so you ask your cousin; you feel like cooking a delicious meal so you whip up something for yourself – basically, the thought of doing all this with your partner/for your partner doesn’t cross your mind; you’ve stopping taking him/her into account.

  1. Insult each other

Picking up fights is one thing, but throwing insults at one another – calling each other names or calling him/her a failure or telling him/her you regret your life and he/she is to blame and so on, you will realize how much bitterness you have within you! So pick up your bags and walk away, before the bitterness poisons you!  [ Read: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner ]

  1. Enjoy alone time

You are thrilled to find out that he/she is going away for the weekend – every time you are away from your partner you are so relieved and overjoyed that you wish that time would last forever. Well, if that’s the case, get rid of the relationship once and for all!

  1. Flirting

The grass is greener on the other side, hence you will find yourself flirting with anybody you meet! Since you know your relationship is dead, you feel the need to get back in the game and get a confidence booster to impress the opposite sex!  [ Read: 5 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem]

  1. Constant fault finding

There was a time when her funny laugh used to amuse you, now it is just annoying or his way of speaking was confident, but now it seems like he is cocky – you find faults in all his/her actions and it just get on your nerves. So if you cannot stand him, bid him goodbye!

It is hard to accept a failed relationship or a failed marriage. However, take that stride and relieve yourself from all the stress and negativity. When one door closes, there is another door with more happiness is opened for you elsewhere.

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