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5 Ways to Deal With a Rude Boyfriend

5 Ways to Deal With a Rude Boyfriend

A woman loves a guy a lot and he too loves her back. Seems like the perfect love story, doesn’t it? But what if he is impolite and rude in nature? Should she dump him? Or should try to change him for the better? Or just accept him for how he is and tolerate the rudeness?

Things can be pretty tough when you have a boyfriend who has a rude way of saying things, especially if he doesn’t even spare you! [ Read: Is Your Partner Cheating On You ]

But as a couple you both have your moments and you feel he isn’t worth letting go. How can you then handle such a boyfriend?

  1. Confront him

Firstly, be quick to identify if he has a knack of being rude to people. Some girls might see it as a cool attitude, and later regret that they got too serious with a guy like him. If he says something offensive to people for no reason at all or something really silly, then it is rude and uncalled for. [ Read: Fall In Love? 50 Signs, You can’t Ignore.


It’s important to let your boyfriend know that he is being rude and make him sure that it’s not well received by you. You need to confront him about your feelings. Tell him that he must be patient and give everyone a chance.  Tell him the specific instances when you thought he was rude and how much it bothered you. Encourage him so that he knows that he can do much better than this and will be a much better man if he starts controlling his anger.

  1. Take help from his friends

Don’t be embarrassed to take help from other people. If it is his friends, they probably know about his behavior too. Try working things out for him by seeking help from his friends. They probably would have know him for a while and can help you in improving his behavior. Perhaps, they could tell him how his relationship with you can go down the drain if he continues his rude attitude. They can also tell you if he has always been like this or it was after some particular incident that he started behaving so rudely.

  1. Don’t put up with rude behavior

If you bear with rude behavior each time, it is as much your fault as much it’s his. Don’t tolerate rude behavior because then you will always be at the receiving end of it. Ask him to apologize to somebody you felt he was rude to. You cannot force him to, but surely you can stand up for the right thing. Make sure you put across that you didn’t like the way he behaved at the party or the restaurant, or to your friends. [ Read: M for Man, M for Mood Swings! ]

  1. Counselor help

It is better to consult a counselor or a psychologist if things get worse. They might find out the real reason behind his rude behavior, it maybe something that happened in his childhood or at his teenage. Therapy and counseling sessions might help him vent out and become a better and more positive guy. Support him while he attends the counseling sessions and assure him that it is not a bad thing to consult a professional to improve oneself.

  1. Let it go

If he starts acting on your advice or starts improving his behavior, its best to support him and encourage him. This will make him recover faster and change for the good. You must stick with him because he is definitely making efforts to change his attitude.

And even after months of trying to get his behavior corrected and seeking help from all possible avenues, if he still continues to mock and be rude to you or other people; it is best that you accept that this negativity and sarcasm is a part of his being and it will never change. [ Read: 10 Signs He Has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken ]

It is difficult for any human to go through with rude comments, snide remarks, sarcastic looks and public humiliation every now and then. It’s best that you let it go and think that this relationship was never meant to be.

What are your thoughts on how to handle a rude partner? Is all the effort worth it or is it a waste of time? Let us know in the comments section.

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