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10 Ways to Get Over a Girl You Love

10 Ways to Get Over a Girl You Love

It is very easy to fall in love but it is very difficult to get out of it. Many become frustrated and start behaving very abnormally to overcome the pains of a broken heart. Some even do the sin of drifting away from close friends and family. But these are definitely not the way to face the situation. There are remedies to get over a girl you love.

The ten different ways that are mentioned below would help all the heartbroken beings to overcome the situation and face life with a new perspective.

  1. Block the things that remind you of her:

Remember what Lord Buddha said “attachment leads to sorrow”, so shun away the things that remind you of her. Open the text box of your mobile or the various chat sites that you have used to get connected and just press the delete button without giving a second thought. For each time you would read, you would recall the old good days, when you were together and be happy but you would again go into depression as soon as you realize that it is all over now. Be courageous, overcome your sadness, and release yourself from the emotional attachment that had have developed. [Check out: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. Search for a new one:

Why cry over something which is no longer yours? Life can be fair if one approaches the way situation becomes. If she cannot be yours then simply move ahead and try to find a new one instead. Believe the fact that you will always find someone better than her. It is all about your thinking. Put on some trendy and smart clothes, and then just get out finding a new one with new dreams and new hopes.

  1. Make distance:

Avoid coming near to her as much as possible. If she comes from east then prefer to go west. Don’t visit the places that you probably can meet her. Even someday you calls you up for some purpose, have the courage to deny straightaway by saying that you are busy. Also Read: 9 Dramatic and Weird Things We do Post Break-Up

  1. Try to get out of it:

It is no doubt true that it is very difficult to get out of the situation but nothing is impossible. Make yourself understand that what has happened has happened and no need to be tangled into the grief of it. You have life apart from all these and they too require your due attention. Focus on the goals of your life instead of crying over it.

  1. Be busy:

Focus your mind on something else or at least give your hundred percent to the jobs you do. If you are a student keep yourself involved in your studies, if you are an employee do concentrate more on the work that is assigned to you. In this type of situation it is very best to do overwork keeping in mind your health. List out the things that you had always wanted to do and just begin working on them. Sing, dance, read and make merry. Read here: 7 Ways To Start Healing Your Relationship After an Affair

  1. Up Be surrounded with more friends:

Always avoid from being alone for it may bring back old memories. Get involved more with your other friends instead. Go and have fun with them just the way you did before meeting this girl. If you need to be alone then it is better to bury yourself in the library books. Go partying with friends, and try to re-live your life.

  1. Don’t ever think of her:

It is very possible that a certain song or movie would remind you of her but try to avoid such feelings and try to enjoy them with a different aspect. Literally try to cut that part of your brain and heart where she possibly dwells. She has gone out of your life, get her out of your mind and heart too. Take an oath to forget her as soon as possible. [ Read: How to Approach a #Girl You Don’t Know and Impress Her ]

  1. Meditation:

This is another very good option to relax your frustrated body and soul. Meditate each morning regularly. If possible try to join a yoga class where you will get to learn the correct techniques. Include this in your daily routine and be very sure not only to get out of your problems but also to improve your health.

  1. You have other things to do:

Don’t forget that you are not born to just cry over such things, you are also assigned to do a lot of other works. Try to identify your responsibilities and do your duty from which you were running away till date. [ Read: Can A #Girl Ask A Guy Out Before He Asks Her Out? ]

  1. Counselling is the last option:

If you are still unable to get her out of your mind and feel depressed then better consult a counselor and seek his advice. For sometimes the effect of heartbreak is very drastic and would make feel helpless.

Don’t be indulged into something that will only fetch you sorrow. Face the harsh realities of life and move ahead in life with a lot of confidence. It is your life and you are the one who should be taking care of it. Let us know your views in comments.

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