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8 Exciting Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

8 Exciting Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

Wow! Just turned 18 and excited….We are sure you might have made a list of things you plan to do and also are quite excited to do it. However, if you have not made one, then here are 8 things you can do once you turn 18. You should have these on your list.

1.  Cast your vote


The most important, though less interesting….but it is true, you can vote and choose your leader once you are 18 years old. As per law, the right age when a teenage understands what he wants to see in his leader, hence one can legally cast his vote.

2.  Get a Tattoo


A fun thing that you can do after turning 18 is get yourself tattooed. You can draw these anywhere on your body and flaunt them anytime you wish to. Some countries do not allow people to get a tattoo till they are 18 years old, hence do not drop this chance of getting tattooed and flaunt it on your body, once 18.

3.  Go to Pubs once you turn 18


We all know pubs have a restricted entry and only allow entry to 18 plus people only. So enjoy dancing all night long, once you turn 18. It is exciting to dance all night long with your loved one, hence do not miss this chance of going out with your partner to the pub and drink and dance.

4.  Drive all night long


Another fun and exciting thing you can do after you have just turned 18 is drive. So, learn to drive and get your license so that you can go for a long drive or night long drive with your friends or your loved one.

5.  Buy a Credit Card once you turn 18


We all know banks do not issue credit cards to people below 18 years of age, which does not allow one to buy stuff they like. Hence, grab this opportunity and apply for a credit card and buy stuff.

6.  Buy a House


Yeah, if you have enough money or you can bear the expense of the home loan EMIs then go ahead and buy a house for yourself. This will also help you save tax and allow you to stay independently once 18.

7.  Get Married


Another exciting thing you can do once you turn 18 is get married and enjoy a new phase of life. If you have a girlfriend and you think you can handle marriage then go ahead with the decision. Yes, you cannot get married unless you are 18 plus.

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8.  Adopt a kid


If you think that you are mentally, financially and physically ready when 18 years old, then go ahead and adopt a child. Well, yes it is a big responsibility, so think accordingly before taking any step.

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Enjoy doing exciting and interesting things, once you are 18 years old.

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