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8 Signs That You Still aren’t Over Your EX

8 Signs That You Still aren’t Over Your EX

Broken relationships can take a lot of time to heal; especially when it’s your partner who left you. It can create a lasting effect on the mind and heart. Some people often talk only about their ex when you ask them what’s new with them. Does that mean they have become cool with their break up or does it mean that they are still missing that person? They might try too hard to show that they are completely fine and don’t care about their ex. They might think they are ready for a new relationship, but are they truly over their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? Often, people hurry back into a new relation after a break up resulting in a rebound. That is not fair to the new person you are with. Also, it will break your heart eventually and sadden you more. [ Read: Text Messages That Turn Her On! ]

So how do you know that you’re still are in love with your ex-lover?

Some of the signs are:

1. Songs still remind you of your EX

Songs often connect to people’s soul. Every relationship has a song attached to it. There is always this special song you both danced to or sang for each other. Does that song still play in your mind? Do you get teary eyed when you hear it or watch it on television? If you have that very song on repeat in your music player or laptop, it is a sure-shot sign that you miss them a lot.

2. You often mention your ex in every topic of conversation

Most of your conversations begin with “Oh, my ex never did that” or “My ex was always doing that” etc. You often catch yourself talking about your past relationship in front of your friends. Whatever topic it maybe, sports, fashion or entertainment, you always talk about their preferences, interests or habits.

3. Urge to call or text

There is a constant will or urge to hear from your ex. You want to call them using some excuse or text them. You use being drunk as a pretext to call or text your ex. Your friends often have to console you and keep your pride and shun the thought of getting back in touch with them.

4. Stalking on social media

The search bar of Facebook always has the name of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend as the first recent search. You cannot resist checking their updates and what is going on in their life. It is habitual for you to check their profiles once you login to your account. Seeing their photos or check in places, makes you restless and frustrated.

5. Remembering old times

Reminiscing the time you spent with your loved one and constantly missing those times can be a big sign that you still crave closeness to your past love interest. You remember the days when you both laughed a lot or that big fight that brought you both closer to each other. When you are alone, you are always procrastinating thinking about them or when with a crowd, you still feel alone.

6. Envy their current partner

If your ex has moved on and has a new love interest, you cannot stop talking about how wicked their new partner is. You constantly compare yourself to their new partner and enjoy gossiping and making mockery of their current partner whenever given a chance. In reality, you are extremely jealous of that new person in their life and that’s bothering you a lot.

7. No interest in dating

You have absolutely no interest when it comes to trying something new regarding your love life. You constantly avoid going out on dates and ask your friends and family to not set you up with anybody. When you picture yourself dating somebody, it is only his or her image that pops up in your head. Dating seems tedious to you and you don’t feel like making that much effort.

8. Comparing your rebound to your ex

Some people hurry into another relationship instead of isolating themselves completely after a break up. This is often known as a rebound. How do you know that it is truly just a rebound and not something serious? You find yourself constantly comparing them to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. They don’t meet your expectations and you feel that they just aren’t the one. For example, when they bring flowers for you, you don’t feel happy about it but think about what kind of flowers your ex brought for you and how happy it made you.

Being in love with your ex can be traumatic, but it is important to remember that they are called “ex” for a reason. And moreover, that you both broke up for a reason, which will always BE!  It’s best to open yourself up to new people and who knows, you might find someone who deserves you truly.

How did you achieve closure over your ex? Tell us more in the comments section.

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