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Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out

Are YOU in a Bad Relationship?? Find Out

Are you in a Bad Relationship?? Do you think that you are in an abusive relationship? Is letting go and moving on the only options that you have? Are you still uncertain about your relationship? Being in a relationship is no easy task for anyone. Every relationship have some dangers. The root cause of every bad relationship is Jealousy in relationships. When we are in a relationship everything seems to be so Perfect! Your Partner becomes the World to you. But sometimes the seed of Uncertainty spoils everything. Such realization comes late and make it worst.

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There are many ways through which you can make out that you really are in a bad relationship. This too will help you in finding out whether you are ready or sure about your relationship or not. You just need to avoid these things and it will definitely make your relationship good.

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Seed of Jealousy: Jealousy is the root cause that makes your relationship bad. If you both or one of the partner is jealous or too possessive about you then, this is definitely a sure sign that you are in a bad relationship. Being possessive is liked by everyone but being over possessive about something or someone is not liked by anyone.

If someone tries to Controls You: Often it is seen that many relationships are broken because one of the partner becomes too authoritative and tries to control everything. If you have such a partner you need to rethink about it.

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Unwanted sex: You are in an abusive relationship if you are forced to have sex with him when you are not ready for it. Physical intimacy is also important in a relationship but if one of the partner is not ready for it it becomes unwanted or forced sex.

Treats you bad: It is always said that one should not tolerate any kind of abuse in a relationship. This is because such relationships never lasts long if one is bullied or treated bad by the other.

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Male Chauvinist: If your partner has such a mentality, you are for sure in a bad relationship. Such men think they are superior to women in every aspect. He always tries to make you feel small in front of him. You have no freedom and your own will to do things in life.

A late Realization: This late realization in relationships are very risky. This is because you put in so much in a relationship to nurture it and then suddenly one day you realize that you actually don’t love the person. It was mere liking and not love. This can also be termed as uncertainty in a relationship.

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Thus, there are many dangers in a relationship, one among them is UNCERTAINTY. This uncertainty proves to be dangerous because till the time you realize the truth or rather become sure about your feelings towards someone, you have already given so much to it. So, you should never hurry or rush in a relationship always give adequate time to yourself and gradually nurture your relationship.


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