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7 Best Ways To Easily Impress Girls – Guys Don’t Miss Reading This

7 Best Ways To Easily Impress Girls – Guys Don’t Miss Reading This

Always wondered as how to impress girls? You tried a lot but couldn’t succeed? Well, it is not going to be tough the next time if you develop the following qualities within.

Following are some of the best ways to impress girls.

  1. Pay attention to how you look:

Girls are definitely not going to get be impressed if you dress up like a monster. Always remember that first impression is the last impression, and hence the way you appear before girls is a very important thing to consider about. Good dressing sense is important. Focus more on the quality not on the price of the dress that you wear. You should wear decent and clean clothes, each time you go near her. Find clothes that suit you and make sure that you are very comfortable wearing them. Also remember to smell good. The aura should be a very pleasant when you are around her. Be well groomed and look presentable. If you sport a beard then do keep them in good shape. A good personality always grabs attention. [ Check out: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time

  1. Talk smart and sensible:

You dressed well but as you opened your mouth you spoke something very discomforting. This is going to spoil things up. Make it a point to talk very softly, smartly and briefly as much as possible. Also try to develop a good sense of humor, for that would help you to impress more. Everyone loves to interact with those who can initiate smile in faces of others. Girls love spending time with such persons. Do weigh your words. Think twice before you speak. In any condition you should not speak anything that would hurt her.

  1. Make her feel special:

If you are able to make her feel special then it is very sure that she would fall for you. Every girls deserves to feel special and do try your best to make her feel so. Try to figure out what she likes the most and let your actions be pivoted around it. Let her know that you are very eager to spend some quality time with her and that you like to be in her company always. You can also try something very different on special days like her birthday. Think out ways to make it as special as possible. Gift something that she would always remember throughout her life. [ Also read: 5 Reasons Why Men Quit You ]

  1. Respect her:

Whenever you meet, make it a point to show respect. Respect should be seen in your talks and actions. Even if you introduce her to somebody else, let her feel very special by giving her enough respect. Girls love those men who know how to respect. Respect is always in the top of their priority list. Ask a girl about what qualities she would like to have in males and ‘to give respect’ would be the undisputed wish first. Find out the most important persons in her life and always ask about their well being with lot of respect. A girl would get really impressed if you are also concerned about the persons whom she cares a lot, like her parents.

  1. Focus just on her:

While you are with a girl make it a point to be attentive and focus on her talks. Show interest on the things that she shares. Be a patient listener. Don’t interrupt her in the middle. Let her know that nothing is more important than her at that moment. For example if somebody rings you up while she is talking, receive the call later or if it is very urgent then be polite, ask for permission and then do so. She would feel really happy about that. Do remember to make eye contact and look straight into her eyes with a smile. [ Read here: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup ]

  1. Make her feel comfortable:

A girl would like to go out with someone who can make her feel comfortable. Someone with whom she can freely talk to .The more she is able to open up, the more is your chances to stay in her life for a long time. Express yourself and make her realize that she means a lot to you and you really care about her. If you are able to give her the support she wants than you will surely become a very important part of her life.

  1. Take interest in the things that she likes:

This point never fails. You can be more impressive to a girl if you both share the common interest. This would also give you enough opportunities to initiate talks with her. Like if you both have interest in watching movies then probably you can offer her to watch one with you. There are very fair chances that she would not deny. Gift her movie tickets and be assured that she will be very impressed by you.

Work on your personality; make yourself a unique person so that you always stand out in the crowd. Be a man, and that is what would impress girls the most.

Do let us know how easily you impressed girls after adopting the above points.

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