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Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out Before He Asks Her Out?

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Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out Before He Asks Her Out?

It is almost an unwritten rule that a guy should ask a girl out at first place. And for some reasons, a girl is not supposed to ask the guy out. But, the times have changed and the rules are changing with the time as well. Although, the notion that a boy should ask a girl out is still prevalent, there are many girls who go do not hesitate from pursuing a guy they have the thoughts for. Girls do not believe that there is any logic behind not asking a guy, whom you are attracted to. Every human being, whether a girl or a guy, have feelings and their heart and brain functions alike. So, why should there be any discrimination when it comes to express your feelings? There is no rulebook that says that a girl should never ask a guy out. Guys are supposed to chivalrous to girls and probably that is the reason it is considered to be more appropriate for a guy to approach a girl instead of the girl taking the initiative. Guys should be chivalrous to girls and treat them with respect but that is a different thing altogether. Because asking a guy out does not make the girl any small.  [ Read: A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?! ]

It is said that most of the girls should maintain a certain gravitas. Even if they like a guy they should never let him know about it. They could drop hints that they are interested, so that the guy approaches them. But, under no circumstance should they go after the guy. It is time that girls realize that if they act difficult and so not approach the guy they like; the only one suffering would be them. What good does it serve them? You must have gone through a situation in life wherein you liked a guy but lost him to another girl because you never went about approaching him. Come to think of it, had you approached him and confessed you feelings to him, there was a chance of him becoming your boyfriend. Of course, one cannot say that with supreme confidence but at least you had a chance then. You lost him forever and the only person to be blamed for it is you.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

Fear of rejection is something that we all go through in various points in life. A lot of girls do not ask a guy out because of this fear. They feel that if the guy says a no they would become a laughing stock among their friends and it would cause them a lot of embarrassment. Not trying to something is far worse than attempting and failing at it. If you do not try, you will always regret the fact and wish you had. So you must try even if it leads to failure. Yes, if the guy turns out to be snobbish he could do something that would embarrass you. But, do not be afraid of that. You confessed your feelings and if he acts nasty, give it right back to him. If the guy is polite and turns you down gently, accept the refusal gracefully. It will hurt but you will get over it. Someday, you will feel proud of the fact that you did something that requires a lot of guts to do. You must remember that guys go through similar nervous pangs before asking a girl out and feel the same amount of sorrow after they are rejected.  [ Read: 10 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys ]

If you like a guy it does not, necessarily, means that he likes you back. But do not get upset about it. Instead, make the first move. Ask him out and let him know how you feel about him. He will reciprocate your feelings eventually.  Dropping hints at a guy whom you like is not enough. He may not get your subtle hints and fail to understand what you are implying. You may try it but if it does not work do not hesitate from asking him out directly. A lot of guys appreciate if the girl comes out with her feelings first. Not that they are full of themselves and want you to get on your knees. But, a lot of times the guy is not aware of your feelings. You have to understand that there are a lot of shy guys out there who are not very good at expressing their feelings. If you like such a guy, then you should take the initiative.  [ Read: 12 Things Guys Like in a Girl besides Her Appearance ]

When you ask a guy out, you must be careful enough not to put across a desperate self or let him know how badly you want to go out with him. There should be a certain dignity and poise in the way you ask him out. Guys get desperate and loud at times and you should avoid doing that. Talk to him in a nice and friendly manner and ask him out after a while. Just let the conversation happen naturally. Do not make it seem like a big deal and you should be casual in the way you talk to him. The way you talk should pique his interest in you and he might want to talk to you more. Do not worry too much about the outcome. If you stand for gender equality, then you should have no issue asking a guy out before he does. Do not over think or mull over it. Shed your inhibitions and walk straight to the guy.

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