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Developed a Crush Outside Your Relationship?

Developed a Crush Outside Your Relationship?

Relationships are too good a bond to exist without any complications, right? And if you developed a crush for someone while you are already in a relationship, it can turn things in a lot of different arenas for you. Here’s how! Firstly, before we begin with anything, it is important for us to know what exactly is the much-confused and yet widening gap between the two terms; Love and Crush. Love is when you are ready to sacrifice your happiness to see the other person happy irrespective of his/her reciprocation towards your feelings. While Crush is a mere attraction that might fade away with time. It doesn’t involve serious commitments or sacrifices or even the willingness to make one!

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Now, these are my definitions. Yours might have some variations but the ultimate essence of the heavenly feeling- LOVE always remains the same. Know that none of those mere crushes can over power Love. So now that we know the basic difference between the feeling of love and that of infatuation, or crush let’s look at ways how we can deal with having a crush outside our current relationship.

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1- Stop already.
If you can stop, stop. Stop the feeling of having a crush developed on another person. Because first of all, what exactly is the need for you to share the feeling of love when you already have a significant other?

2- How would you feel?
Remind yourself what kind of a position you are putting yourself into. Also, think of how would you feel if your partner ended up developing a crush on someone else even if they assured you a million times about the whole feel to be a mere feeling of infatuation. However times be told, you would still feel a little upset, right? So ask yourself, why would you want to do that to your partner?

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3- Focus on their negatives.
As stupid as it may sound, try focusing on all the negative or for that matter, stupid things your apparent crush tends to do. Anything which would help you in ending the feeling of infatuation. Really.

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4- They are not important.
Remember that crushes developed and become important only when WE let them. So tell yourself how it’s not an important feeling and that you would rather focus of making your relationship all the more happier than thinking about a stupid crush you developed two days ago.

5- It will fade away.
Do not forget that a feeling like a tiny crush which you probably developed unknowingly, fades away with time. It does. No candy coating here. But then again, if you let it pass away, it will. It will.

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6 – Think about your partner.
Think of all the reasons why you got into a relationship of love and passion with your partner in the first place. Think of how much you love everything about them, and that there is nothing that can ever get in between you two. Not even your own self.

So here are 6 reasons how you shall deal with a stupid or not-so-stupid crush which you developed probably unknowingly without any intention to hurt your partner. And remember, if you two are enough in love with each other, there can nothing that can come between the two of you and you can always make things work!


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