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Does He Love Me? – 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind


Does He Love Me? – 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind

You might be in a strong and healthy relationship but love is an emotion that makes you vulnerable and well, insecure. You must learn to belief in your partner and the love they have in their hearts for you. But, if you have some doubts and bare insistent on putting your love through a test, then you could look for certain sings that would make you realize whether he loves you or not.  [ Read: 11 Facts about Guys that can Help You Read his Mind ]

Here are 20 sure signs to read his mind and figure out whether he loves you or not:

  1. He makes time for you

Even though he is a busy man and his work requires him at all hours, he manages to make time for you. He understands that spending time with one’s partner is important.  [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Holds your hand

Holding hands is the most romantic thing to do. It is a sign of being protective and caring for your partner. If he holds your hand when you are around, he loves you and values your presence in his life.

  1. Treats you with respect

Every person deserves to be treated with respect. Before love comes respect and if he treats you with respect he loves you too.  [ Read: 11 Bad Girl Traits Every Guy Seeks In His Girl! ]

  1. He puts up with your temper

He stays calm and does not utter a word even if you bring the house down with your temper. He bears with all your tantrums and complaints and does not get angry with you no matter what.

  1. Physical contact

Physical intimacy is important in a relationship but you can express your feelings just by touching your partner’s hand or planting a kiss on her forehead.  [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend ]

  1. He does not keep secrets

He does not hide anything from you. You have access to his social media and e-mail accounts and he lets you use his credit/debit card. He trusts you implicitly and expects the same from you.

  1. He is encouraging

He encourages you to scale greater heights in your career and helps you to grow both in your personal professional space. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Deepen His Love For You ]

  1. He is not jealous

He is perfectly fine with you hanging it with your male friends. There is no sense of jealousy in him.

  1. He is supportive

He supports you whenever you are going through a crisis. He offers you good advice and helps you overcome the problem.  [ Read: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

  1. He accepts your imperfections

Nobody is perfect. Every individual has his/her share of imperfections and is flawed in some way or the other. If he is aware of your weaknesses and has no issues with them, then he really loves you.

  1. He is expressive

He does not hide his feelings and expresses his love verbally and through his actions. He does not fail to say ‘I Love You’ every time you meet or talk on phone and tries to do various things to make you feel special.  [ Read: 7 Easy Steps to be Blissfully Happy in a Relationship ]

  1. Does not ask questions

He does not ask you why did you get late for the meeting or where you the other day. He is not inquisitive in nature which means he is a secure person.

  1. Does not want you to exchange

He loves you for what you are and does not want you to change in any way. Even if you suggest changing something about yourself, he discourages you from doing so.  [ Read: 10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship ]

  1. Surprises you

He often surprises you with gifts and by organizing dates. He knows exactly what would make you happy and plans his surprises accordingly.

  1. He lets you enjoy your freedom

Every person is entitled to his freedom and being I a relationship does not take away that freedom from them. Your man understands this and respects your freedom and personal space. He is okay with you going out with your friends without taking him along.  [ Read: Am I Being Taken For Granted? – 16 Discreet Signs ]

  1. He knows you well

He knows everything about you –right from your favorite cuisine to your first crush. He shows genuine interest in understanding you better ad you must encourage that.

  1. He is communicative

Communication is very important in a relationship. You need to communicate with your partner to figure out what they are feeling and do they have something to say.  [ Read: 10 Effective Ways to Stop Being So Needy and Insecure ]

  1. He knows what you are thinking

He knows you so well that he knows exactly what is going on in your mind. He knows when you are in a problem even if you do not tell him. He can read your thoughts and interpret your actions.

  1. He is proud of you

He is proud of having you as his partner. Her talks about your achievements and all the wonderful qualities you have to his friends and tells them how proud he is of you.  [ Read: 8 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love ]

  1. He trusts you

He trusts you implicitly. Never ever does he ask you any questions that could make you feel embarrassed. He lets you do your own thin and does not do anything that could make you feel that he does not trust you. He has full faith in you and you must trust him as much.

Every guy makes some romantic gestures. You must find out whether his gestures and actions are genuine or not. Judging him based on one of two sings is not enough. If you really want to test his love, you must wait till you notice all these signs in him. If he does all that you want him to do, he has passed the test with flying colors.

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