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Find out are you Dating a Married Man?

Find out are you Dating a Married Man?

Sometimes you are so madly in love with your partner that you do not feel the need of knowing his past history, his current affairs like where is he working, whom does he live with, who all are in his family, his background or anything.

Over the period of time, you realize that he is keeping secrets from you. You feel strange but cannot exactly find out the reason behind it. His behavior leads to suspicion and you start to feel strange. You talk to yourself about things like you should have known his background before getting into a relationship with him, what kind of a person he actually is, what was his past etc. Many such questions come up in your mind and you do not have answers to them, nor can you ask your boyfriend directly because it might hurt his ego in case he comes out clear. [ Read: 10 Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After


On the other hand, keeping these doubts in mind you cannot continue your relationship with him in comfort. So here is a list of signs through which you will know whether you are dating a married man or no –

  1. Think from your mind, not from your heart

If you get a feeling that something is wrong then do not ignore it. In such a situation your heart might be wrong but your mind will always take you towards the truth. Try and ask him indirect questions about his family, where does he live, who all are his family members etc. If he tries to ignore such questions then something is definitely wrong. [ Read: Double Date with other couples – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Look for things that can indicate towards his marriage

You need to keep your eyes wide open when you are dating someone. He may be having 2 phones but he gives you only one number and refuses to give you his second number. Even a wedding ring can clear up all your signs. Even if he is not wearing one because he may remove it before he comes to meet you, you can still notice sun-tan on the ring finger. With this clue, you can investigate him further.

  1. Is his behavior strange?

There may be incidences when he behaves in a strange manner with you; like he takes you to a far place where no one knows you two, he refuses to give you his phone number and insists that only he will call you whenever he has time, he keeps his phone on silent mode when he is with you and avoids using it in front of you, he avoids it when you insist on meeting his family and friends etc. All these things set an alarm for you. [ Read: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re Not Ready To Get Married ]

  1. Watch his reactions

Does he get uncomfortable when you talk to him about his family or past relationships? He may get anxious and nervous when to talk to him over such subjects or his body language tells you that he is lying, then your suspicions can come out to be true.

  1. Make sure you meet his family, relatives and friends

You should probably try to meet your boyfriend’s family, relatives or even friends. If he doesn’t agree to it, then he may be hiding something because these people must be knowing if he already married or no. [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

  1. Is he answering to your questions confidently?

If you ask him questions that could be related to his marriage, make sure that you believe what he is saying. If you have doubts, it shows that there is something fishy. Do not be blinded in love because a man who can cheat on his wife can easily lie to you about anything and everything.

  1. Give him a surprise visit

Try to get his address through is license or id proof and drop in to his place sometime for a surprise visit. Usually a visit can easily tell whether the person is married or not. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Check his phone

If your boyfriend is really married, then by checking hi phone you can make out whether he is married or no. Ask him to lend his phone to you or a call or something and go through his photos, call logs and messages. These 3 things will surely have something fishy if he is a married guy.

  1. Do some investigation

Go through his social networking profile like facebook. You can check his marital status, his photos, his friend’s list etc. You can even go and look up for his personal papers like a home loan can be in the name of his wife or may be a joint bank account, or be if you see a lipstick or a hair clip in his car. [ Read: 11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy ]

  1. Hire a detective

If you are in a serious relationship with this person and looking forward to have a future with him, then getting an investigation done by hiring a detective is not at all a bad option. After all it is a matter of your life and you have all the right to be sure of things related to him.

These above given signs are warning to alert you from being in a relationship with a married man. But you need to keep your eyes wide open rather than but being blinded in love. It is not a big thing for a man to cheat on his wife and have an extra marital affair with any other girl. So it is your duty to check the guy’s background before getting into a relationship with him. Be completely sure about him only then enter into any kind of relationship with him.

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