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How a Programmer Coded His Love Letter in Unique Way

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How a Programmer Coded His Love Letter in Unique Way

Every one has a unique style of proposing his/her beloved. Being a nerd I tried it in my unique way of using coding concepts of C++. I hope you will all like it. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Boyfriend ]

You are the beginning of my thoughts just as the pre-processor directive. Sunshine you have always included the header files of patience and kindness inside you. You void the sadness and distress of my life by your lovely voice. You are the constructor of happiness which is invoked every time I think about love. You have always served as destructor who has deallocated all the negative thoughts of mine. You play the role of semicolon just as it completes every line you complete me. You owe a class of serenity and beauty in which your beautiful smile remains constant static function. A class in which variables of kindness and forgiveness remains constant, hatred remains null, ego remains zero. Your anger might be an inline function but I promise you I can make its execution slower as possible. You are the pointer to the link list of happiness if you are lost so is my happiness. You’ve got an exceptional error handling -you catch me every time I fall. You’ve inherited a class of supreme culture and manners. Your expressions are like random function though unpredictable yet mesmerizing. Whenever you are around I’m enclosed in a virtual world of happiness and did not wish to return. [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

Your creativity of writing is like templates which enhances the functioning of my code of life. You’ve encapsulated many sparkling shining experiences and memories in your eyes but you’ve imprisoned me in that too. You always play a role of data abstraction only showing your sweetness every time hiding the pain of your broken heart. You are undoubtedly the best friend which one can ever get playing the role of friend function. You’ve been overloaded with the funniest and nice names of cupcake, sunshine and jerry like overloaded functions. You are like malloc function which allocates memory to new positive thoughts discarding stale thoughts like using delete. You always encourage me to focus on current situation in the same manner as this pointer points to current object/variable. You are the one who can manage pk’s mood by various methods to make him laugh similar as the case of file handling in which applying certain functions on file makes it easy and efficient. You’ve got the capability of multitasking similar to operator overloading. Whenever I see you I always wanted to execute delay function with infinity as a parameter so that time can never intervene between us. For me love plays a palindromic part on behalf of you. Pk always ignores your sweet silly mistakes like comments are not compiled. You are excellent at dynamic binding -switching yourself according to conditions and adapting new things. I want you to become switch statement to repeatedly check my flaws and errors. One who can set an infinite for loop of happiness and joy thereby using Continue statement to continue the code of merriment and making use of the Break statement to break down the control structure of agony finally using Go to statement to go back to past and making me Learn from my mistakes. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend ]

You enclose a special place in my heart just like a bracket encloses functions. I want to see your manifold hidden talent to see your extended capabilities just like different header files handles different tasks. I promise you to be with you at each phase of life same as a pointer to a link list. My day starts and ends living in the scintillating experiences of yours. Just as the execution of program begins from main similarly you are the beginning and end point of my thoughts.

So will you become my main function in the code of my life?

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