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How to Get Him To Propose To You By Reading His Mind

How to Get Him to Propose You by Reading His Mind

Men and women might be similar in many ways but there is one thing they mostly have different thoughts on – marriage. It is the guy who proposes to the girl for marriage but the guy is usually nervous about taking this step. While some men are commitment phobic, some find it difficult to cope up with the responsibilities that come handy with marriage. They love their partner but are afraid of making a life time commitment. [ Read: 7 Best Situations To Propose A Girl ]

If a guy is not thinking about marriage, it would take a lot of effort or the girl to make him propose to her. After all, you are trying to make a person do something which he is no sure about. He loves you but the word marriage scares you. It would take a lot of convincing on your part to get him to propose to you. The less he is willing to propose, the harder it will be for you to make him propose you. If you really want him to propose to you and are willing to go to any length to make sure that it happens, then you must read his mind first.  It is important to know what a person is thinking and why he is reluctant to do something before you make him do that. Analyzing his mind and getting an insight of his thoughts will help you make a plan to make him bow down in front of you and propose to you:

  1. Is he ready?

Is he ready to take the necessary vows? Is he prepared to tie the knot with you? You must figure out whether he is mentally ready to get married to you. There could be several other things that could be occupying his mind right now. Probably, he would like to deal with these things before he pops up the proposal. You have to talk to him and ask him why he is not ready. You have to make him comfortable and think with an open mind without any bias. [ Read: Here are Some Cute Lines To Propose Your Valentine!

  1. Friends

You must make sure that your man is not in the company of people who can brainwash him. You must monitor his social life and keep a tab on his friend’s circle. Do not let him hang out with people who can take him in the wrong direction or instigate him to do something untowardly. Do not let him fall into the trap of such people. Friends can hugely influence us and our decisions and hence, it is important that we become friends with who will help us take the right decisions. Go out with him when he plans something with his friends and try to know each of his friends.

  1. Is he sure?

Sometimes, people, especially at a young age, get confused about their feelings. Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time, you must find out whether he is still interested in you. If you must, confront him and ask him directly about this. If he has a doubt, help him in clearing it. He should have no second thoughts when he proposes to you. It is okay to have doubts and it is imperative that both of you talk about it at an early stage before things get serious. [ Read: Romantic Proposal Ideas to Win Them Over ]

  1. Does he want you to change?

It is important to respect yourself for what you are but you must figure out if there is something about you that bothers him.  If you think his concerns are valid and you need to change something about you, then do it. If you think he is being unreasonable, then do not listen to him and stay the way you are. If something is really bothering him, then you must try to figure it out as soon as possible.

  1. Family

When it comes to marriage, our family members are an active part in what we decide. They voice their opinion on the life partner we choose, the date on which we want to get married and every other detail concerning our marriage. Even if both of you love each other, you need your family’s approval to go ahead with your plans. Ask him whether his family is okay with your alliance. If his family has an issue, he might be finding it difficult to express it but you must make him talk about it so that both of you can sort it out. [ Read: How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out in 9 Sneaky Ways ]

  1. Serious about marriage

While you might be very serious about getting married to him, it is something that might have never crossed his mind. Figure out whether he is really serious about your relationship whether he is interested in spending the rest of his life with you. Just verbal assurance would not do. Do not believe him unless you are completely sure that he is serious about getting married to you.

Marriage is a serious decision and it could make anybody nervous. Though you have thought about it carefully and are sure about it, you should give him some time to think about it and propose to you as and when he is ready. You must talk to him about it and figure out whether he is going to propose to you anytime soon or not. Do not force him into this. Instead, try to make him realise why this is so important to you.

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