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How To Use Your Phone To Make Your Husband Feel Special

Use Your Smartphone And Make Your Husband Feel Special

The little gestures, that special hug, those light gossips, candle light dinner, etc your husband fell for you each time you did something special for him. Special as in these small gestures are enough for him to make him feel more important and make him feel that you need him every moment.Use your smartphone and text him some really adorable cum romantic texts to make him feel more special.

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1/ My identity of being a woman gets enhanced when you hold my hand. My face glows more when you praise me and my life got a meaning when you married me.

2/ The way you make me laugh even when I am not feeling like, the way you encourage me when I feel extremely low and the way you point out my flaws, I feel lucky to have you as my partner cum mentor both.

3/ Each time I write an article I never publish it before getting checked by you. It’s like a medicine which if not taken at the right time can make me fall sick.

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4/  My stress buster is – YOUR PICTURE and THOSE OLD ROMANTIC TEXTS from the college diaries.

5/ You are my (OUR) HERO. You can fight and do anything to make us feel secure. I am proud to have you by my side and my kids are lucky they have a dad like you.

6/ Hey handsome, will you marry me once again?? Cause I am madly obsessed with you. #YourMadWife #HopelesslyRomantic

7/ Happiness is you reading my rubbish message and taking a time to reply those patiently. I mean who does that?? Probably YOU and only YOU can do that. That’s why I became your princess even before you piled on the horse. #IloveYouBabyBoo

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8/ I love when you get angry when I call you BOO. You kind of look sexier with that grin on your face and that makes me even more vulnerable to tease you harder.

9/ I absolutely don’t care about what people think about me as long as I am guarded by your trust. Your trust, your concern is all that matters to me. #DoneWithIt

10/ No matter how far you stay, no matter how difficult the situation be, I’ll be always there beside you.

11/ Why I married you?? Simple, because I felt nobody else could make you look hot as I do. I mean who else can carry swag with specks, and that too matching with your height and sharp features. No one, only me. Hence, That’s why I married you my GIANT BEAST.

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12/ When I remember that first moment we kissed each other, I get goosebumps all over my body. I smile foolishly and blush infinitely which makes my cheeks look red like tomatoes.

13/ I love when you wake me up every morning with your wet hairs, I love when you cuddle me in the middle of the night and I love when you kiss me on my forehead.

14/ I love you, I love you, and I love you , even more, day by day. And you know what Mr. Husband, I fall for you each time I miss you.

Before you pick up your smartphone and start texting, bright up your face with that cute smile which your husband feels is the best smile ever. You know, more than those materialistic things or conditions, it’s these small tiny gestures and memories that matter the most in a long lasting relationship.

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Cause at the end of the day, those materialistic things will face their consequences like getting old or getting discolored, but these fond memories will stay with you forever.

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