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Did You Know Yoga Serves the Dual Purpose?

Did You Know Yoga Serves the Dual Purpose?

Did you know Yoga serves the dual purpose in our life? Are you aware that yoga helps in attracting men? If not, then this is the first thing you need to know and understand. Yes, you read it right, Yoga serves the dual purpose in our life. Yoga is said to serve the dual purpose because it helps in maintaining the balance between the physical as well as the mental outlook of a person. When I say it serves the dual purpose, I mean to say that yoga not only helps to stay fit and strong. But it also helps us to connect better with ourselves and our partner. It helps to form a stronger connection with our soulmate on three grounds spiritual, physical and sexual. It also helps in love making.

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Yoga not only tones our body but it also helps you in making love to your partner. It is believed that meditating helps to attract men. There are many postures in yoga which serves the dual purpose as they are helpful in doing sex with your fire mate. Now, you might me wondering about how yoga is connected to love making. Here is the answer, it helps to increase the flexibility, it makes the body healthy and fit. Let’s take a look and find out which postures of yoga are helpful in love making to your partner. It is believed that there is something common between these exercise postures and in the ways of making love to your partner.

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Cow or Cat Posture: This strengthens the muscles. These are the muscles that contract during orgasm.

Bound Angle Posture: This posture helps in stretching the inner thighs. It is also good for a low libido.

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Pigeon Posture: This helps to form a sense of sexual intimacy with your partner.

Tree Posture : This posture helps you to maintain the balance.

Bridge Posture: It helps in intense hip stretch and tones the vagina and improves orgasms.

Shoulder Stand: It increases the blood flow to your hips and brain.

Wide- Legged Straddle: Like Bound Angle posture, this is also good for low libido and improving blood flow in the pelvic area which increases energy.

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Savasana Posture: This is the hardest of all the posture because we need to focus only on our present.

Downward Dog Posture : This posture is very important  because it calms the mind and heat up the body.

Therefore, it can be said that yoga not only helps the person to stay fit. But it also help them to make love to your partners. Due to this reason it is said that yoga serves the dual purpose in the life of the people.

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