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Life is The Trail We Leave Behind

Life is The Trail We Leave Behind

The word life is somewhat a huge box of surprise. Since the time we are born, we are constantly being taught so many things about life, whether be it those short moral stories  that taught us not to steal and share what we have, or those sweet innocent promises to serve the poor when in need in our school prayer. But, what is life?? Is it the education we received from our parents?? Is it the morals that our value education book taught us?? Or, is it the trail we leave behind??

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Yes, it is the trail we leave behind since the time of our birth till the last day of our life! Below are some quotes from the pages of my diary which you must remember throughout your life.

Quote 1

You are always motivating someone(secretly) through your works…Never underestimate your self-power, you are somebody’s strength, might be that somebody is invisible to you at this point but, he/she is there as your intuition, as your power, as your motivator, as your unexpected memento ……. Cause Life is a magnificent puzzle to solve.

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Quote 2

I am not sure whether you are doing it purposely or not.. But the thing is I believe, I was taught since childhood to respect those who deserves and to love those who talks behind your back . As it is they are highly motivating you by doing their bitchy work!

Quote 3

At times it is good to hide your career plans from your family. Not because you are not sure about it, but because they won’t understand it. Take time, strengthen your base and speak confidently about it later when the time is right.

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Quote 4

There is nothing wrong with dating your EX all over again! Cause, love can happen anytime anywhere.You just need to remember that relationship is not about how perfect you are, it’s about how imperfectly loyal you are to your partner. So, do what your heart says but don’t leave your brain behind.

Quote 5

Never cross the limit of your goodness, maintain a line and don’t cross it. You might be good and caring, but the person standing in front of you is wearing a mask which has many hidden temptations behind. Beware and take the next step.

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Quote 6

Distractions come’s in many shapes and sizes, don’t get distracted by distractions! Instead FOCUS and SHAPE YOUR CAREER. Cause 10 years from now, these distractions won’t pay your medical bills

Quote 7

Learn to love yourself, appreciate yourself, motivate yourself, correct yourself. At the end, you are your own master who can teach YOU the right lessons you need to prosper in your life.

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Quote 8

People will be judging you even after you’ve achieved your goal. It’s their habitual problem. Don’t pay heed to their gossips,neither allow them to continue those rubbish. Take a stand and once and for all stop all these. Use your words and mind to explain to them that how to mind their own business. At times, being rude is more important in life.

So, these were some of the quotes which I strongly believe in my life. Leave the trail which you will feel proud of, leave the trail which will speak how bravely you battled your journey, leave the trail that will help you grow as a human, not as a person. Good luck to all my readers who are going through a rough phase in their life, I wish all of them more power and much courage. Fight till the end and show life how strong you are.

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