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No Such Thing as Perfect

No Such Thing as Perfect

Love isn’t about being perfect for each other. It’s about being perfect in your own unique way. No couple is truly perfect. Everyone has their own problems, known or unknown. No one has the right to judge any relationship. You never know what is truly going on in a relationship, unless you are part of it. Even if you happen to be a friend of someone in that relationship, there will always be parts you don’t know. Also if you are just a friend, you usually only hear the point of your friend, and not their partner. Often the relationships that seem perfect in front of people, are usually the ones that are falling apart. Then often the relationships that seem as if they are falling apart, usually happen to be the most loving when no one is around. [ Read: What am I Supposed to do with a Broken Heart? ]

It’s very easy to judge people’s relationships, but can be highly difficult to have your own judged. Most people who judge others relationships, do it because of problems in their own. In a way, they try and put their mind on others relationships, to try and keep their mind off of their own. They also do it to try and see the worst in others relationships, to feel better about their own. It’s a common reflex for those that have been put through a lot in past, or present relationships. It can even be common for people who had grew up in broken homes, or who had watched a loved one go through pain in their relationships. People often base their thoughts of relationships on past relationships, their parents or loved ones, or even on books, movies or shows. For their thoughts on relationships due to parents can have good or bad results. Often females who have had problems with their fathers, will drag those problems into their relationships. [ Read: Can’t Fight This Love


Most often being trust issues due to being left or abandoned. For males, they don’t usually realize it, but they often look for someone like their mother. This is usually only in cases when the male is close to his mother. He looks for the qualities of his mother in his partner. Most of the time this includes comforting, his mothers cooking, the ability for his partner to listen, or more deep and complicated qualities. Things that are important or special to him. Things that make him feel comfortable, or in some way like he is home. The most important thing a person needs to remember is no relationship is the same. Each person has their own view and perspective on what they think love is, and what it feels like. The best thing you can do is just find out for yourself. Take chances and have faith. One of the best things you can do is keep your past relationships our of your present and future relationships. Also, remember that a relationship is between two people, therefor your business should stay between the two of you. This is also a good way to keep some drama and issues out of your relationship. [ Read: 7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life ]

Never be afraid to fall in love. Yes, there will be some pain and hurt, but the feeling of falling in love, and being loved is worth it all. Just keep in mind, there is no such thing as perfect.

Written By: Shyann Franks

Staff at LikeLoveQuoteshttp://www.reckonmind.com
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