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Is Your Partner Cheating On You

Is Your Partner Cheating On You??

Really?? Cheating??  One can bear the pain of anything and everything in this world, except THE PAIN OF BEING DECEIVED BY THE PERSON WHO IS LIKE YOUR FAMILY! Help yourself with these telltale signs to know if your partner is cheating on you or not.

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Is Your Partner Cheating On You??

1/Put on your spy glasses, wear your Sherlock boots and follow him/her. I know this is some kind of really serious stuff, but, its way more better than killing yourself internally.  But, but, do this only after you are sure enough there is something else cooking behind you. How to be sure of that ? Well look below for points 2 and 3.

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2/They say that they are not ready to be in a relationship with you now, but calls you or tries to be that extra cozy with you. But whenever you talk to them about taking this relationship a bit further, he/she ignores it by saying “This is not the right time” or ” Whats so hurry, lets be friend for the time being”.

3/Their smart-phone is their most priced possession. They never leave them alone and often turn it to flight mode when he/she is with you. Not only this, when you call him/her, you find their phone busy for a long time. He/she gives a secret password or even gets angry when you suddenly use their phone. At times, I have seen people maintaining two phone with two different sim cards, during such cases the one which has your number is switched off after a particular time. Other points like:

  • He/she gets too many calls
  • Their phones are always beeping with messages even when they are out for a friendly brunch
  • Late night gossips with someone apart from you
  • Phones going out of charge very frequently
  • They recharge their phones very frequently
  • Takes their smart baby to the bathroom also

ALERT! ALERT! Open your eyes and start following him/her, cause, if this is not cheating then what is this??

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4/Facebook has a sudden change of display pictures, or bio. Not only this, he/she hides their friend list and also comes online secretly by keeping you in the restricted list. Sudden add of new friends and shower of comments on their pictures. When asked about, they reply shakily ” You don’t trust me” or “Stop being so nosy and cranky”.

5/ A sudden feeling of looking good and filling their wardrobe with the latest collection of clothes. Frequent visits to gym for a fit shape up and ignoring  going out or cancelling plans too often.

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6/In respect to point no.5, you’ll also notice that they give lame excuses like “I’ll be late for tomorrow” or “Hey, you go, I am not in the mood” or even something like “I am sorry I am having a sudden pain in the stomach” and when you ask to help him/her, they reply “NO, no need you enjoy”! There is something fishy and I can smell dead rat too.

7/Never allows you meet his/her family and friends nor allows you to add them on friends book. If this happens very often added with not adding you on his/her FACEBOOK Account, then the case is something more than your imagination. It needs special treatment. SPY ON!

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8/ Stays away from SEX or you know, hugging you or talking romantic. Where on the other side you are continuously flooding him/her with lovey-dovey texts, but nothing comes from their part. They seem to run away or even gets cranky when you upload or post some pictures with him (EVEN WHEN UPLOADED SAFELY WITH PRIVACY ), he gives the lame excuse of “My family will see it” or “I don’t want it to make it public now” where as he/she is constantly commenting on other’s profile pic or even uploading photos.

Cheating is very easy, you just need to LIE , LIE and LIE. But its my request, try to confess your feelings of dis-attachment with your partner.Speak out the truth even if your voice shakes, tell them why you are not able to cope up with their expectations, learn to know why such strange behavior, be with your partner, try to understand them, go for a long talk and sort it out. A happy cordial BYE is always better than a rude negative break-up. And these all are possible, if you behave accordingly, cause in the end LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY..


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