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Reasons Why You Got Dumped

Reasons Why You Got Dumped

Relationships can be tough. Even though you might think that you did the best to make sure the relationship lasted, there can be several things which might have gone wrong and you can be dumped. Certain things in behavior or nature of a person really makes them appear needy or irritating. This can make your other half constantly angry and irritated for no fault of yours. There might be so many reasons why you might have been left by your partner. They might actually not tell you the truth, considering your feelings and soft corner. But there are certain things that really can put a man or a woman off when in a relationship. [ Read: Ways To Hurt Less And Love More In A Relationship ]

So check to see if you did any of the following things when you were in a loving relationship with your partner and try to work on them to make yourself more loving and desirable.

  1. You went too far too fast

It is very essential to go on the same pace as your relationship is. Talking about marriage, babies and moving in together all the time can often freak your partner out, especially if you haven’t even dated for a few months already. Take things as they come instead of rushing in hastily. You can come off as a desperate and a needy, which will make your partner lose interest in you for good.  [ Read: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup ]

  1. You didn’t adjust with your partner’s lifestyle

Probably you and your partner had very different lifestyles and you couldn’t adjust to their patterns of living. They might be extremely time conscious, punctual and careful, while you might not think of the time as a big deal. Or maybe they spent too much money and had a splurging habit which didn’t go down well with you.

  1. You poked your nose in everything your partner did

Interference is one of the root causes of getting dumped. You cannot interfere in every single decision that your partner makes. The level of interference you can make with your partner’s life is directly proportional to the time span of your relationship. Do not interfere like your partner’s life is your life and solely you know the best. You might mean no harm but often it will be taken a bad and negative deed of yours. [ Read: Conversation Between Boy And Girl After Break-up ]

  1. You gave wrong signals to your partner’s best friend

This is a major reason for getting dumped. Having a roving eye and a flirty attitude is not liked by anyone. Getting flirty with your partner’s best friend is like inviting a break-up. Don’t tread this dangerous territory if you want to avoid getting dumped.

  1. You stopped giving them enough time

Your career, friends and hobbies got a special place in your life. You didn’t give enough time to your partner even though they always waited for you. Making enough time for a relationship is very essential so that it doesn’t wear off. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone ]

  1. You were too maternal for his/her tastes

If you behaved too much like a parent, being too righteous about things, behavior and habits, they might have dumped you for that. Being a little maternal and mushy is acceptable and loved, but no one wants to date their mom, who is always pointing out how things should be done. Constantly asking if they have had their meals, if they reached safely to office can be quite annoying.

  1. You criticized your partner too much

You were too critical of your partner and their actions. If you think you need to explain something to your partner, there is a proper way of going about it. If you kept criticizing them for every single mistake they made, they would have wanted to get rid of you, since you kept hurting their self-respect and making them look really small [ Read: 8 Worst Ways Of Breaking Up With Someone ]

  1. You were too demanding

Being demanding in a relationship is a common thing. But when one gets too demanding, it can often irk their partner. Being too demanding about time, space, money or attention often comes across badly. Forcing your partner to spend excess time with you can irritate them to no extent. Similarly demanding “space” from your partner all the time, will come off as ignorant and mean attitude. Remember that everyone do needs a ‘privacy’ of their own no matter how clubbed your souls are, if so to say!

Have you ever dumped somebody? If yes, please do share the reasons which made you take such a step in the comments section below.

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