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6 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

6 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

 Relationship red flags?? What on earth are these?? Are they some kind of political agenda?? Or some kind of signals?? And of these are signals, what are these and what are they about?? Well, initially a relationship begins with all beautiful and colorful butterflies, you find everything so sweet. From his stupid antics to her 24*7 texting, everything looks well and good. Life seems complete, life seems happier than never before! And in this happier ever after concept, we often overlook some basic but important highlights which later turns into something dangerous. Something that can even break or lead to separation! Protect your relationship before it’s too late.

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1.Work Work and Work

It’s good to be focused and enjoy your work, but, making your work your life, is not a good sign. The first and the most important red flag to look at before it’s too late. Try to maintain an equilibrium between your work and your personal life. Never forget that you have a life beyond your office desk.

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2.Too much conservative

Being strict is fine but, being conservative is an unhealthy choice. If your partner stops you from going out, doing a job, meeting your friends, etc ins short controls you like a robot, it’s time to sit and talk about it.

3. No fixed plan about the future

Major red flag if you are considering a future with them. If your partner is too much busy enjoying his/her life and has no fixed aim about their future, it’s better you should walk away. Planning or having an aim is very important for the future. A person with zero plannings is never a good choice.

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4.Too rude or arrogant

Having an attitude is sexy, but, having a rude ego is not good. If you feel disrespected or your partner behaves too badly with their friends or parents, I believe he/she must be sent back to school to learn proper behaviour.

5.Too much addiction

Occasional smoking and drinking are acceptable, drinking under control is also acceptable. But, drinking like a thirsty crow and loitering around like a dipsomaniac is not at all acceptable. Another most important red flag one mustn’t ignore. Try to nip it in the bud before its too late.

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6.Too much Green-Eyes

A bit of jealousy works, bit when it crosses it’s limited and creates suffocation, I believe one should sit down and talk it out with their partner. Explain him/her, listen to what they have to say and come to a conclusion.

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Make things right and sort out before it’s too late. Be aware and never ignore these points or signs, especially when the relationship is at the initial stage. Try to be understanding from the beginning itself, never ignore any kind of fights neither you should ignore any kind of communication. Give time, have confidence, nurture your relationship with love and care. The world is full of negativity, let the virus of happiness and love spread around. Let’s make our relationship successful and also lets promise to never ignore any kind of signs or red flags, cause, prevention is always better than cure.  AMEN.

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