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50 Romantic Birthday Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

50 Romantic Birthday Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

It’s a special day in his life and you want to make it memorable? Don’t stick to same old birthday messages. It will not have that special impact.

Use instead the following and give him the best.

  1. Wishing a very happy birthday to the love of my life. May you live for thousand years.
  2. Today is a very special day not only in your life but also in my life. It is your birthday. The day I am happy the most. Love you. ( Check out: The 6 Things Guys Love Most About Women
  3. This day god sent the best thing of my life to earth. Happy birthday dear. May you enjoy to the fullest.
  4. Happy birthday my dear. May every dream that your eyes hold comes true.
  5. I wish that your every wish comes true and may you always be happy, for your happiness is mine too. Happy birthday. ( Also read: 10 Qualities Of A Real Man In Relationship )
  6. Wishing the best things for the best man of my life. Happy birthday my love.
  7. There is something special about this day, for it is the #birthday of my life and love. Happy #birthday my dear.
  8. No matter how far you go, my love would always remain the same. Happy #birthday love. Lots of hugs.
  9. Waiting desperately to hug and wish you happy birthday. Come soon my dear. Let us make the day memorable.
  10. I always wait for this day each year and make it a point to be the first one to wish you my love, a very happy birthday.
  11. Was just waiting for the clock to strike twelve and let the celebrations begin. Happy birthday dear.
  12. Wish you a many many happy returns of the day my love. May you achieve what you desire.
  13. You cannot even imagine how excited I am to wish you happy birthday. Love you as always. [ read: 7 Rules for Texting Your Partner]
  14. Planned a lot of things to make your day a special one. Hope you enjoy. Take care my love.
  15. This beautiful weather makes me realize that even god is happy like me today as it is a very special day. It is your #birthday. Enjoy.
  16. Do retain that beautiful smile on your face forever. I seriously die for it. Happy birthday. Lots of love and hugs.
  17. Smile up my love. You just grew one more year old. Be the same one as always, with that cute smile on your face.
  18. Celebrations! Celebrations! Celebrations! It is the #birthday of my love. Stay happy forever.
  19. I feel like dancing and singing like a mad girl, as it is your birthday. Love you more.
  20. You can’t imagine how happy I become when your birthday arrives. Anything for you my love. Stay happy. [ Read: Its his 30th #Birthday! What to gift?]

  1. I am waiting eagerly to run into your arms and wish you happy birthday. But before that let my message do it. Hugs and love for you. Stay blessed my dear.
  2. Good lord! The love of my life got one more year old! Lots of love my love.
  3. Sing, dance, or jump around. I am confused as what to do to express my happiness on your #birthday. Loads of love.
  4. Wish a best life to the best boyfriend of the world. Happy #birthday my sweetheart.
  5. Happy #birthday my sweety pie, my baby, my cutie, my love candy! A tight hug to you.
  6. Look at the beautiful nature, how happy and gay it looks today. They too are celebrating your #birthday sweetheart. Enjoy. [ Read: #Birthday Surprise from a Long Distance Relationship Love]
  7. I cannot gift something as best as you expect lots and lots of love. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  8. Nothing can be more beautiful than your smile. As today is your birthday, smile a little big my dear. Enjoy.
  9. On your #birthday I promise you again that I will always be with you, in every step of your journey. With you by my side, it is going to be a fun ride.
  10. Wishing you a many many happy returns of the day sweetheart. Keep glowing like the sun in the sky.
  11. Wish you a beautiful #birthday dear. I am dying to hold your hands and dance to your favorite song.
  12. I am sending my heart to talk to your heart and say, hello sweetheart, heartiest wishes for your #birthday. Smile up.
  13. My love wrapped with the best moments we shared is what I would like to gift you always and forever. May god give us more memorable moments ahead in life.
  14. A candle never looked so beautiful on a cake, if it weren’t your birthday. Lots of love my sweetheart. Stay blessed.
  15. Look up the sky even the stars are singing in chorus with me and wishing you a very happy #birthday. Stay happy always.
  16. Soft music, long drive, you and me, sounds great? Well I have many more things to surprise you on your birthday. You will love it.
  17. If possible I could have given you my heart, for it is the one that loves you madly and more than anything on this earth.
  18. Who else can be more happy than me on your #birthday? Who else can be more crazily in love with you than me? I am mad, but I am only yours.
  19. On your #birthday, I am madly in love with you again. Lots of hugs and love.
  20. Wishing you a birthday as perfect as you are for me. Enjoy to the fullest.
  21. A heart full of love is what I can give you on your #birthday to make it perfect. I love you a thousand times more. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his #Birthday to Surprise him]
  22. Happy birthday my sweet little teddy. Nothing is more adorable than you. Love you always.
  23. Wish I could pause time and look to see you smile when you read this stupid birthday message. Happy #birthday my life.
  24. On this very special day, I wish for you the very special things of life. Stay beside me always dear.
  25. No matter how busy your girlfriend may appear, but she would never ever forget your birthday. Cheer up #birthday boy. Love you.
  26. Happy birthday my sweetheart. Hope I am the first one to wish.
  27. So you thought I would forget your #birthday? You stupid love of mine, how can I? Now cheer up darling. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  28. Happy birthday to you my dear. I promise that you will always find me near. Don’t ever forget smiling. Suits you.
  29. Hey sweets, happy #birthday. May you get more reasons to happy this year too.
  30. Wish all the very best things for the very best person of my live. Do keep smiling always. Looks good on you. [ Read here: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

Do include some personal memories with the messages and express your love more.  do let us know how happy he feels.

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