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12 Romantic Things to do with Your Girlfriend when You don’t have Money

12 Romantic Things to do with Your Girlfriend when You don’t have Money

As they say, money can’t buy the happiness. Of course, you should pamper your girlfriend with expensive gifts and take her out on lavish dates. But, there may be times when you are not with a single penny in your pocket. Don’t lose heart as you can do a lot of things for your girlfriend, without spending money, which would make her happy.

Here are the list of 12 such romantic things:

  1. Cook something for her

Browse through your kitchen and figure out the best dish that you can make with all the ingredients you have at the moment. Make sure you make something you know you are good at. Also, it should be something that would suit her taste buds and make her happy. [ Read: Consider reading: Marriage versus Money ]

  1. Play a DVD

Remember there is that one movie which, the both of you, can’t get enough of? Both of you have watched the movie a hundred times and can watch it a hundred times more. Play the DVD and revisit the wonderful memories that you have of watching the movie together. Talk about the scenes you love and the ones, which you think, resemble the things that you both do.

  1. Take a walk

You don’t have enough money to fill up your travelling tires with petrol? Worry not, take her out on a walk. Walking around on a calm, serene beach is better than moving around a street bustling with activities. Talk about random things, discuss important issues, crack a joke and breathe in the fresh air. [ Read:  MATE, Never Discuss These 8 Things On Your First DATE ]

  1. Solve crosswords

Solving crosswords gives you ample scope to share some warm moments with your girlfriend. Add some fun to the process by making words that represent your state of mind and convey your feelings.

  1. Listen to romantic songs

Make a playlist of her favorite songs and ask her to join you for a romantic waltz. The dance and the soothing music accompanying it will bring the two of you closer to each other. As you two dance, talk to her about the wonderful memories that you both share.  [ Read: 9 Qualities One Should Look Before Trusting Anyone ]

  1. Talk about the future

Talk about your relationship and the course it is taking. Discuss about your future plans and the direction in which you want to take the relationship to.  Your girlfriend would be highly pleased to know that you want to talk about the future as it would be an indication of your growing seriousness about the relationship.

  1. Decorate your home

Collect all the little things, at your disposal, that could help in decorating your home and giving it a certain edge. Change the curtains, put the photo frame at a different place and clean up your cupboard. She would be delighted to see the effort made by you and would appreciate it as well! [ Read: 7 tips to avoid Holiday Dating Disasters]

  1. Read out a book to her

You loved reading that peculiar romantic novel and recommended it to her a while back? Well, why don’t you read it out to her? Don’t read it out mechanically. Infuse the right amount of emotions, expressions and feelings in your narration. Also, share your thoughts on the book.

  1. Play video games

She may not be as fond of video games as you are, but chances are that she won’t refuse at first place either. Pick a game that you think she would like. Explain the game and it’ various controls.  Yes you are a champion at it, but since she is a beginner, don’t let her lose and try to be a more gentlemanly to her. Also, her interest in the game would rise when she feels that she is winning. [ Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. Give her a body massage

Give her a body massage gently with a hint of sensuality. Keep asking her whether she likes it or not. Don’t do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable.  Just keep talking to her as you go about the process.

  1. Window shopping

Make a visit to the nearest mall and feast your eyes with all the various clothes, gadgets, food stores that you find there. Tell your partner to make a list of things that she would like to buy. And assure her by saying that you’ll be gifting her all her admired goods, once you are stable with the coins in your pocket. [ Read: 5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From ]

  1. Make some coffee

Making coffee is easy. So why not make a cup for her? Offer her the cup of coffee and then, she will ask you to join in. Both of you might sip the liquid from a single cup. Wouldn’t that be very romantic?

You are lucky if you have a partner who is not very demanding and understands you at the same time. Your partner will be happy even if you do the simplest of things to please her. So, don’t be upset if you don’t have any cash in hand at the moment. Do these sweet, romantic things that would make your partner happy and leave her asking for more.

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