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Singlehood Vs In a Relationship: Decoding Them

Singlehood Vs In a Relationship: Decoding Them

The evergoing and never-ending conflict between singlehood and relationship has always made me think that which one is better? Being single looks so bright and colorful, here you can do anything without any kind of restrictions, just be yourself and enjoy your solitude. And being in a relationship, on the other hand, feels so different, you wake up with that blushy smile and go sleep with that cute dimples on your face thinking about that special someone.So, let us check some of the qualities of singlehood and relationship to understand both separately.

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Being single and its attributes- Negative and Positive

Be single, be happy! Sweet and simple moto, being single forces you to live happily and enjoy every little bit of happiness. From shopping to eating to choosing the career, there is nobody to stop you. You can be a free bird flying high up in the sky, isn’t that great! The second most important thing is, singlehood allows you to get closer to your own self. Here you get to know yourself, your negatives and positives. It’s like yoga, it enriches your mind and soul allowing you to get closer to books, nature, the sun, the moon and all those foolish habits except anything contagious.

Now comes the negative attributes. You know at times you need that special person to pamper you, tolerate all your childish habits and still pamper you. You don’t have anybody to scold you and wait late night just for your texts. Those butterfly feelings one gets when she notices her partner, those pink cheeks when he suddenly hugs you in the public, those goosebumps when he calls you late at night just to say how he is missing you so much!

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Being in a relationship and it’s negative and positive attributes

Life, when you are in a relationship seems so restricted. You have to keep in mind so many points like you have to keep your man happy and also his family. You have to make sure you don’t do anything that will upset him and compromise your happiness to an extent. You also have to splurge less on shopping and save more on the savings bucket. You can’t go for a sudden night out with friends  like you did when you were single. Even your moment of solitude gets compromised at times. Pheww! So many problems, no relationship, please!

On the other hand, being in a relationship has some positive portions too! And they are really simple and filled with emotions. When you are in a relationship you realize your true purpose, the purpose of life. After your family and your loved one’s if there is anybody for whom you care unconditionally it is that special someone. Even, saving that extra moolah so that you can buy something for him/her seems really romantic. You know what, the misconception that being in a relationship actually takes away your freedom is so not true. When you are in a relationship, you realize the importance of responsibilities, the importance of canceling your girls night out just to spend some quality time with your lifeline. This is the beauty of relationship.

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