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Success Counts but Memories Are More Important

Success Counts, but Memories Are More Important

In the long run of counting the money, one starts losing the value of memories. Then people start blaming each other and seek for separation.Success is definitely important, but, what is the use of this success if you don’t have someone to celebrate your moment with?? Success is surely important, one works hard to shine in their own field, it’s their moment of joy. Dreaming is good, but dreaming only about #success is not good. Here is certain one should keep in their mind and try to avoid.

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1/Never ignore your family

Families are our support system. NO matter how hard or insane we behave, it’s our family that stands behind us like a strong support. And ignoring them in the chase of #success is like losing diamond in search of pretty stones. Giving time to your husband, wife, mom, dad is equally important. They want nothing more than your presence, a small one hour cup of coffee with them or a nice 2 days vacation is more than enough.

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In the journey of enchanting your career with all the riches, in the journey of buying a posh villa, one fails to realize what they are losing. We all want our family to lead a posh and happy lifestyle, our mother to just sit and relax, our children to have a lavish and of course secured future. But, what a future without any memories?? What if, our family members live only the materialistic joy?? Is it enough for a family or for anybody to have a great life?? I don’t think so.

2/Never disrespect those who helped you when you had nothing

Just remember the day when you had nothing, and that one friend of yours who helped you with your first business, who stood with you when no-one trusted your business concept. And today after achieving the heights of epitome, you completely forgot him/her.

Counting your money, building up your house, going for those long foreign tours , everything looks great from your Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. But once you open those, you realize how empty your life is. Reason- Well, money is not everything.It can buy you the world’s most expensive house, but not the emotions which make that house a perfectly imperfect HOME SWEET HOME.

3/Stop hugging your money all the time

You worked hard to earn those heavy bucks, I agree. You sacrificed your sleep, agreed. But keeping it always in a closed safe or making it your main motto in life, will only give you a sleepless night. We all work hard so that our today’s sleepless night is our tomorrows peaceful days. But, if you keep your money always in your mind and try to guard it with your life, you’ll end up having serious money disorders. Where even if you have enough, you will feel like earning more and more.

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There is nothing wrong in earning more, but, learn where to pause and learn to give yourself time. #Success can drive you crazy both in a good way and in a bad way.

4/Give yourself time

What more to say?? There is always a point where you should pause and rest. Rest as in, spend some time with yourself and analyse your mind. Go for a vacation, love your family, pamper your children, cook with your wife. Life is beautiful if we learn to look at it through our normal eyes.

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So, that’s all I wanted to say. I guess I don’t need to write a separate conclusion, as the entire article has much-supported points on the same. Breath free, work hard but don’t make #success or money your only worship. Learn to count memories and see how it works.

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