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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Date

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Date

Planning a date with somebody really special? must be excited as well as anxious about how will it go. You may be doing your best in making the things go according to you in the date. Choosing the right romantic location of #date, setting the according Menu, getting your beautiful dress ironed and putting on your best, to look your best. But all this can be ruined later in no second if you end up saying something really shitty or something which end up hurting your date, he/she might never call you back for another #date ever. So to prevent such a situation here are given 10 things which you should care about not speaking up on your first date.

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1. You’re wearing that?

Questioning your date’s choice of dress! or criticizing it! no never do that, at least not on your first date. You might not be liking their choice of dress but that’s okay you can keep your criticism inside for once, don’t ruin your date at least after a dress. Instead, try observing their skills. Just because they didn’t dress-up well, you can’t judge them on that basis. You should focus on exploring your date beyond outer look.

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2. Something smells funny.

Well! on your first #date you don’t have to show your #date that you have good sense of smell. You might feel something stinky is around but that’s okay you can ignore it for sometime. And even try to divert your #date’s mind. By complaining about the smell it might be possible your #date takes it on himself and feels offensive about it, so you should take care of that too.

3. Don’t be like a patient!

On your first #date please don’t act like a person who stays sick most of the time. Since you are on a #date and not on an appointment with a doctor. Stop talking about your late night headaches or stomach-aches. You should more listen to your #date and should be more cheerful and fun-loving person rather than being a bad trip.

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4. And to think, I first wanted to date your brother

You have chosen that person, that’s how he/she is on this date with you. Don’t tell her that you have some other choice but end up with this date since you couldn’t find something better. It will make a very bad impression on him. he will think of you as a pervert kind of girl who keeps searching for options in her life. Also he will think of himself to be your back-up option. So avoid putting each other in such a situation.

5. I have a confession to make..

You are not here to write your  confessions or to reveal out all your secrets like you do in some truth and dare game, you are on a date! by taking out your secrets or confessions might not make your date fall for you at all. So never commit that mistake. First build that bond only then allow yourself to go for such a things.

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6. My dad has a suit just like that.

Well! when your date put on that suit he didn’t really want to look like an Uncle of someone who is not at all fashionable or obsolete. So by complementing this you might be thinking that you made a good impression on him by comparing him with your dad. But in real he could take it other way round.

7. That man is hot. Look at him

You are on a #date. Not there to check-out men around, instead of focusing on how your #date is looking like, you should not check out other boys. You should always respect his feelings and should not put him down in anyway.

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8. My ex, may he rot in hell forever

That statement gives an impression of you as a person who is very revengeful in nature. Or somebody who doesn’t have any feelings and respect for the ones you date at one point of time. Such a statement can straight away change your date’s perception about you and right away he can end up deciding not to see you ever again.

9. You’re going to order that? Seriously?

Criticism doesn’t really look nice when you are on a date . Criticizing your date’s interest of eating, is not really something appreciable. You should more focus on what you think you want to eat rather than looking at his plate and then commenting.

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10. You’re how old?”

You must be aware of his age before you go on #date with him. But if you decided to join him on a date without knowing his age, then you should be able to live with that suspense at least on your first #date. Don’t end up ruining your or his day by questioning such a controversial questions.

This is how you can make your first #date blossoming and going smoothly by keeping these few points in mind.

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