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The Most Beautiful Thing about Life is, that, it Moves On…

The Most Beautiful Thing about Life is, that, it Moves On…

Well, read the following lines, and think of those situations when you feel that these are absolutely true. Follow us on ‘ Life is a race. For the moment you realize you’ve learnt how to live, it changes completely, for whenever you experience real happiness, and it snatches all the reasons behind your happiness ’

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By: Ritika Kukreja (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

We feel so whenever we fail to achieve something that we wanted badly, we feel so whenever we lose someone close to us. We feel so whenever we face a tragedy in life… As I say, nothing at all is predictable. Life is always unexpected… A single episode can be a turning point for you, it can change your life completely. No matter what, you cannot alter what destiny has in store for you.

As they say, experience is a hard teacher for it gives the test first and the lesson later… One feels devastated and frustrated in such situations. One forgets optimism, one forgets conscience… Patience and acceptance are the only two things you can think of as the feasible solutions. Well, as most of us know, the one n only thing that can heal, that always heals is time… We ought to give time.

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Now, the fact that life always goes on no matter what, does not mean that life gives you second chances. Life is a wicked again. We are only given today and never promised tomorrow. Every little thing that makes you smile is precious in its own way, every moment that makes you feel special is special in itself… Every person who does something to make you happy, who feels worried when you are sad, deserves that love and your care from you the same way. If you wish to express your feelings to someone, do it today itself, for tomorrow, you might not get a chance to be with that loving person, to enjoy those special moments and those precious smiles…

Yes, life is long for it goes on n on n on… for it comes up with endless experiences, countless people, uncountable tears and uncountable smiles…but then, at the same time, life is very short, because when you look back, all you can recall is those ‘turning points’.. Life can be considered as a summation of all those episodes, all those changes… Think of it once, if you’re not accepting those changes, you’re not accepting your life, you’re merely escaping…

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When one thinks of his past after a long time, these changes do not matter… for he had been strong enough to face the tragedies, for he had cried and even his tears had dried on their own… for he had learnt how to live, and with the passage of time, he had moved on, just the way life always moves on.. Ultimately, its only happiness that one can think of n recall… Happiness is recursive, one finds happiness in happy memories. Over and over again…

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Well, I just wrote this article to dedicate a message to all those people, who think of running away and escaping from life, who spoil their present for what their past had been, who curse life for the sad phases.. ‘Life is a mixed bag… Steal all those moments that make you happy… Make sure you find people who truly love you, and never let them go away… No matter how badly it tests your patience, no matter how wicked it may become at times, life does move on… It might not give you another chances… but it gives you knew reasons to be happy, new people to meet, new experiences to enjoy’ I started this blog with the sentence, ‘Life is a race’… I feel like putting an end to it by saying… no matter how hard, no matter how wicked it may seem… Accept it the way it is, make the most of it today, live it, love it, enjoy it, celebrate it and face it!!

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I am in love with Prasoon Joshi’s lines, “hay ye to ik jashan, tu thirakne de kadam.. abhi saanson me hay dum, abhi chalne de sitam”.. For I do know that destiny has a role to play in all walks of life. But these lines make me feel, I can face all challenges, I can conquer all fears… And the mere feeling makes me want to say, “Life is… actually… beautiful”

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