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25 Things Guys do that Girls Actually Love and Hate

25 Things Guys do that Girls Actually Love and Hate

It is very difficult to understand girls and their likes and dislikes. Yet we can clearly understand that certain things are there which when a guy does makes them go angry or happy, love or hate.

The following are some of them.

  1. Flirting with other girls in front of them:

Girls really get angry when guys flirt with someone else in front of them. Avoid staring at someone else when she is near you. [ Read: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner ]

  1. Talking in a very complex way:

 They don’t like to decode what you say. They only believe in straight and simple sentences. They would take it the way you give.

  1. Inquiring about another girl:

They really hate guys talking and inquiring about a different girl. She would get irritated very easily at this.

  1. Asking something forcefully:

If you really want to know something then be do request her in a simple way. Don’t dare to force her in saying something which she cannot say. Something should be left personal.

  1. Become too possessive:

To be possessive is good and girls do love that but don’t ever try to be too possessive that is not good at all. You cannot poke your nose everywhere and stop her from doing things that she loves. [ Read : Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM So Much ]

  1. Comparing a girl with someone else:

Don’t ever dare to do so. She will finish you up literally. But if you do compare do keep in mind to make her the winner at last. Be safe, be happy.

  1. Do speak for her:

Girls would love those guys who would stand up against those who don’t respect her. They will simply hate you if you sit idle and watch whatever fun is made of her.

  1. Don’t argue:

That is the golden rule. Don’t try to argue with a girl. If you do initiate by mistake then remember to make her win. She would simply start hating you if you don’t agree to her points.

  1. Don’t be jealous of her male friends:  

If you can have several female friends then she too has the right to have male friends. Don’t be so narrow-minded.

  1. Trying to get romantic when she is actually very busy:

There is a time for everything. Do respect her time. Don’t try to be romantic when she is busy doing some urgent work. She will really get mad at you. [ Read : Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. Irritating her constantly:

When she says stop, you actually need to stop for your benefit. No girl would ever like constant disturbance. She will really hate you once you start irritating her.

  1. Nicknames:

Give her a nickname that suits her personality and which she would love. Don’t call something which makes her boil. Choose the names very carefully.

  1. Listens to her:

They actually love those guys, who listen to them very carefully and takes interest in the stories that they share. So practice to be a good listener.

  1. Bad hygiene:

Well that cannot be tolerated by anyone. Girls really get too angry to see a guy who does not have proper hygienic habits. Next time don’t blow your nose into her handkerchief.

  1. Trying to make fun of something serious:

It is commonly seen that when girls talk about something serious, boys just take it lightly and don’t even care for it. Girls hate this type of behavior. On a later date don’t complain again to her for not sharing anything, for she had tried doing so. [ Read: 5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your Relationship ]

  1. Gifting her nothing special:

Girls get really irritated to receive gifts from their guys which is always some sort of jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, well this are precious but cannot be considered special. Girls like to receive gifts which would touch their heart.

  1. Good sense of humor:

It is a well-accepted truth that girls get attracted more towards those males who have a great sense of humor.

  1. Shows love and affection in public:

That is something which can make any girl feel special. A person who holds such respect for her also in public is greatly admired.

  1. Talking something emotional:

In general cases girls are very emotional at heart. They would love a guy who would understand her at the emotional level also.

  1. Neglecting her efforts:

She would really hate someone who would not value her efforts in doing something good. Like, no matter how well she would cook, you don’t bother to compliment or admire. [ Read: Step by Step Guide to Get Your Ex To Love You Again ]

  1. Cheating her:

Girls cannot tolerate someone who is a cheater. Honest persons are always on the wish list of every woman.

  1. They hate lies:

They would not get much hurt to know the ugly truth but they would really hate a sweet lie. Lies are the basic reason for the failure of any relationship.

  1. Asking for some advice:

Girls simply love to see a guy seeking their advice. They really feel special about it.

  1. When guys don’t understand the meaning of ‘No’:

When she says ‘no’, then it is ‘no’, don’t be in the illusion that it’s a ‘yes’ in their heart.

  1. Eye to eye contact while talking:

That reflects confidence and girls do like it. Look straight into her eyes and talk sweetly, who would be loved for sure. [ Read: Flirting Like Crazy Then Going Completely Cold ]

Did any of your female friends too complained about the above things in a guy? Let us know.

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