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Tip’s to Control Our Anger and Keep Calm

Tip’s to Control Our Anger and Keep Calm

Anger is that emotion, which if used correctly can give you success and if used in the wrong manner, can give you your worst nightmare. Below are some healthy tips to help you control your #anger. Do read and try to implement them.


Tip’s to control our anger and keep calm.

The power of meditation is beyond our imagination. So, next time if you feel that your #anger has crossed its limit, take a deep breath and breath out. Repeat it unless you feel relaxed by yourself.

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2#Count backwards from 100-55 or more:

tips to control our anger and keep calm

Start counting loudly or inside your mind, count unless it cools your anger down. Feel relaxed and  breath out all the negative vibes.

3#Try to know the reason behind your anger :

tips to control your anger and keep calm

Try to point out the instincts that makes you an angry bull. Question yourself  and try to seek answers by yourself. But remember, do all these alone, don’t take anybody with you. Self realization is the best way to solve your #anger issues.

4#Go out from the atmosphere :

tips to control our #anger and keep calm

Yes! Leave the atmosphere immediately if it instigates your #anger.

5#Go for a walk :

tips to control our anger and keep calm

The best way to understand your mind and your anger is going for a long walk all alone or with someone you  feel relaxed.

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6#Never hold grudge :

tips to control our anger and keep calm……

Forgiving someone is the best way to heal that age old anger. Always remember that, we can’t expect every single people to behave the way we want. And most importantly, positive vibes are always needed in our life than negativity.

7#Listen to music:

tips to control our #anger and keep calm…….

A good music has the power to make you cry and laugh at the same time, so, just put on your headphones and tune into those soulful tracks that makes you feel happy.

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tips to control our anger and keep calm..,..

Work out and sweat out all your #anger. But make sure not to hurt yourself in any manner during such rigorous work out. Always perform or work out under special guidance only. 

9#Remember some happy moments:

tips to control our anger and keep calm..,…,.

Memories and photographs are those constant things in our life that never changes with time. So try to remember any such special moment which makes you feel proud or happy.

10#Call up your bestie or anyone trustworthy:

tips to control our #anger and keep calm..,…,..,….

A good and motivational speech from your best friend is enough to help you understand your fault. You can cry or shout to them, they are your ultimate soul-mate and cupids too. They’ll scold you but never misguide you.

So, these were some of the tricks by which you can fight against your #anger. Always remember that, shouting or showing our anger is really easy, but this won’t fetch us anything except headache and negative vibes. So, always be on your good shoes and try to calm down during such nasty situations. Feel good, think positive and flush negativity. 

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