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Valentines Day Dress Up Code To Look Smoking Hot

Valentines Day Dress Up Code To Look Smoking Hot

Yeah, you heard me right! Valentines Day is not so far and yet, we girls and boys are dead-confused regarding our dress up code. What to wear and how to team that red shoes I bought recently, everything seems messed up. And in the last minute rush, people end up buying things that they regret later on!

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Why invest in such things when you can just spend it right?? Thus we are here with our ultimate solution guide to help you sort out things.

For Her

Nothing can go with the little red dress. Just like, nothing can go wrong with the vivacious Kate Winslet and her all time looks. A simple sexy red dress is the best one can wear when she is running out of thoughts!

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And if you are not comfortable with oh! so hot mini dress, go for a sexy cut out long midi dress. This will not only give your shape a nice silhouette image. Flaunt your shape and curves, wear something related to your mood, the colour that describes you more beautifully! Something like this-

But, if you feel like not wearing any of these, you can trust your all-well jeans and casuals. Wear those torn jeans and team it up with a white shirt. Spice it up by giving the top buttons of the shirt open, fold up your sleeves, red lipstick, hair open, and carry a sexy red or golden blazer. Give your look a sexy notch by wearing red or golden stilettos or even bellies.

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For Him

Wear a fitted pair of jeans, team it up with a shirt and wear a smart blazer on top. You can play with colours if you feel like or else, you can keep it simple and suave. Don’t forget to carry a bunch of roses for your valentine.

And by chance, if you feel like not wearing or spending too much, just hop into your blue jeans, wear your best shirt-preferably blue or black or white and just fold your sleeves up. Make sure you apply some good perfume-something light yet strong. Apply a little and not the entire bottle.

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Basically, #Valentines Day is all about spending some time together. Away from those daily meetings, those scheduled to-do lists! It’s just you and your partner, holding hands, hugging, promising, and living every second of it. Learn to value your relationship before it’s to late.

At times what happens is, due to the norms stated by the society we often feel shy to showcase our love to our partners. Especially on these days, #Valentines Day. We feel really protective about how people would see us and how they would take it. But why to feel like that!

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When you have your partner beside you, when you have his/her hand in your hand, just walk past the society. Let them speak what they want to, you keep on walking and decide the destination. Love is a beautiful journey, it involves so many stories, memories, laughs, tears, and loads of love. Happy Valentines Day folks. #LoveYouMaddy.

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